10 New Dining Spots in Kyiv: October 2018 Review

table setting with pumpkin and dry flowers

Fall is the traditional season of reaping the harvest, and fall 2018 in Kyiv seems to bring us the rich harvest of new attractive cafes and restaurants. The freshly-opened dining spots promise great atmosphere, good food and probably some heart-warming drinks. Check out 10 new restaurants that have recently opened their doors in the Ukrainian capital.

Spicy NoSpicy

bar interior
This Asian cuisine restaurant was opened by the founders of “Odessa” – one of the most famous fish restaurants in Kyiv. The new restaurant is divided into contact bar, hall with tables and open kitchen where guests can watch the process of cooking their orders. The menu of Spicy NoSpicy unites the best culinary traditions of Vietnam, Thailand, India and Japan. Here guests can try such delicacies as Pho soup, salmon tartare, Beijing chicken with truffles, tuna with ginger and lime, octopus in miso sauce and many other. As for drinks, the menu offers wide choice of signature cocktails, wines and strong alcohol.
Address: 114, Velyka Vasylkivska street


portuguese desserts
This new café provides its visitors with the great chance to taste the best coffee, wines and special Portuguese desserts called pasteis made of puff paste and pastry cream. The owners of the café say that their purpose was to create a place with simple and tasty food, good drinks and cozy atmosphere – and they succeeded in it. Homemade pasteis with filter coffee or classic coffee will be a good choice. The owners of Portugesa promise to open a tapas bar here soon as well.
Address: 11, Sichovych Strilciv street

Naprosecco. Oyster & Cо

oysters and 2 glasses of wine
This new café in the city center keeps to the mono format that is becoming very popular nowadays. The laconic menu with only 12 positions includes oysters, shrimps, mussels, classic and shrimp burgers. If you want something to drink, here you can have a glass or a bottle of Prosecco, water, Coca-Cola or wine.
Address: 41, Sagaydachnogo street

Doctor Woland

dish with fried chickens
All those who appreciate works of the famous writer Mykhailo Bulgakov are welcome to the new restaurant that keeps to the style of the author`s most eminent book “The Master and Margarita”. In the menu, you will find such unique positions as “Ball of a hundred kings of small retinue” (Lulah Kebab, pork barbecue and chicken sausages), “Meat on sword”, “Soup with a meat giant from Kyiv uncle Berlios”, “Azazello” burger with pork and caramelized onion, salads “Poor master” with cheese and olives sauce and “Capricious Margarita” salad with Mozzarella and grilled tomatoes.
Address: 51a, Vozdvizhenska street


pizza slices
The new Raskolbas bar on the central Khreshatyk street delights with the most reasonable prices: almost all positions of the menu cost UAH 29. Here you can order tasty pizza, shrimps, hot dogs (classic and vegetarian), cheesecakes, fried potatoes, hot wine, cocktails and punch.
Address: 27, Khreshatyk street

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hands on table with bread and coffee
This new café with its own bakery was opened by the creators of such well-known dining spots as The Burger, The Cake and The Bar. The café hall is divided into bakery and coffee shop with a contact bar. Here you can order tasty breakfast (porridges, muffin, chia pudding), salads with turkey or fresh vegetables, cold or hot sandwiches. It is recommended to try sandwich with avocado and cream cheese or with beef and marinated cucumber. On the showcase, guests can find many types of fresh bakery: croissants, pies, baguettes and bread. As for drinks, guests are welcome to have smoothie, fruit infusion or tea. The orders in Khlebniy café can be served “to-go”.
Address: 67, Velyka Vasylkivska street

Wino I Liudy

glasses, magazine and dish with salad on table
The new city café “Wino I Lyudi” (“Wine and people”) was opened by the restauranteurs who had founded such well-known places as Under Wonder, Viola's Bar, Pleasure Café and Ronin. The name of the spot speaks for itself: here you will find around 50 types of wine. The menu includes wines for any taste – sparkling, white, red and rose wines from Portugal, Spain, Chile, Italy, France, Germany and other countries. Here you can also try many delicious dishes, for example, bowls with avocado and chicken or salmon, Asian soup, curry chicken with Japanese rice, salmon with vegetables, mussels in wine sauce, pork ribs, rice with shrimps, guacamole and many other.
Address: 11/11, Gusovskogo street

Milly Filly

three pastries
The second café of the network welcomed its first visitors in September 2018. This confectionary is well-known for its perfect desserts made of only natural ingredients. Here you can also have a good breakfast. It is recommended to try delicious Napoleon cake and quiche with salmon.
Address: 12, Shota Rustaveli street

Pies and Friends

pie and avocado
Some time ago Pies and Friends had been only a small spot on food court of Gulliver trade center, but now the owners of the brand opened a fully-featured café in the city center. Currently the new spot works in the test mode. The menu includes such appetizing options as salt pies with beef, cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, liver and tomatoes, cabbage. Here you can also taste sweet pies with apples, peaches, blueberries, nuts, raspberries and cheese. Apart from pies, the café has breakfasts, soups (borsch and soup with mussels) and main courses (steamed beef, pork ribs, pike perch cutlets).
Address: 20а, Pushkinska street

Johannsen Grill

meat dish and glass of red wine
This new restaurant successfully unites two concepts: open grill and Scandinavian sandwiches (also known as smørrebrøds). You will surely not regret ordering tasty burgers, grilled cutlets, the famous Danish sandwiches with fish, salmon and shrimps. Talking about desserts, we should surely mention “Naughty poppy” and “Bear pie with ice cream”.
Address: 17, Moskovska street
New dining spots in Kyiv welcome you for the most exciting gastronomic adventures in fall 2018.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, unsplash.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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