Exotic Cuisine Restaurants in Kyiv

octopus served with spices

In gloomy fall, we feel the desire for something bright and unusual to stir up our daily routine. How to do this? Getting new outstanding gastronomic experience can become a good solution. Let`s check out restaurants in Kyiv where we can find the best exotic food to flavor our day.


nikkei dishes and wine served
This restaurant in Kyiv is very popular among true gourmands and fans of exotic food. Here guests can enjoy Nikkei dishes – the unique mix of Peruvian, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese food. Guramma restaurant is notable for its stylish interior, unusual seafood and signature versions of Eastern delicacies. The guests of this restaurant can taste Tenderloin Kobe Japanese beef steak, Palak paneer (Indian vegetarian dish), taco plate, fresh oysters and many other. The menu also has wide choice of drinks including wines from almost all the main winemaking regions of the world.
Address: 1, Dniprovsky descent


interior of indian restaurant
Himalaya is one of the first Indian restaurants of the Ukrainian capital – it was opened 20 years ago. This dining spot has a good reputation due to its reasonable prices, friendly atmosphere and large portions. Himalaya offers traditional Indian food with hot spices and unforgettable flavor. In the restaurant`s menu, you will find meat and vegetarians dishes, homemade paneer cheese and bread baked in tandoor. All the main ingredients used in the kitchen such as rice and spices are delivered to Himalaya restaurant right from India.
Address: 80, Velyka Vasylkivska street

Mon Cher

lebanese dishes on table
Mon Cher restaurant, located in the heart of Kyiv, offers its visitors to try dishes of Lebanese and European cuisine. By the way, Lebanese dishes slightly remind of Mediterranean culinary traditions. Here you can try such unusual snacks as kibbi (fried meatballs with pine nut and onion), sambouseks (fried mini pies with meat or vegetable fillings), traditional homemade Lebanese bakery (Manakish), dishes made of beans and chickpea, Tabule salad, Lebanese cheese and hummus. Mon Cher is also a gift for those who love to smoke hookah as it has wide choice of tobaccos. From Thursday till Sunday the guests of the restaurant are welcome to listen to beautiful live music.
Address: 11, Yaroslaviv Val street

Kitayskiy Privet

chinese food
The interior of this place instantly impresses with numerous authentic Chinese elements: highlighted signs, much greenery and a large golden cat. In the menu, guests can find diversity of Chinese food made of beef, duck, pork, chicken and lamb in spicy sauces, timber fungus and thick Asian soups, black-eyed peas with Chili sauce and potatoes with eggplants. As for truly exotic dishes, here you can order such extraordinary options as 100-year old fermented eggs with coriander, zophobas grubs and even soup with snake (but note that you will have to order this soup a day in advance). Talking about drinks, here you can pick strong alcohol, wines, Japanese craft beer, keg beer and cocktails.
Address: 7, Ivana Franka street

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Okhota Na Ovets

seaffod and coffee on table
This Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant in the center of the capital offers dishes cooked by recipes from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Korea and Singapore. Apart from traditional Eastern dishes, here you can taste marbled beef steaks cooked on Japanese robata grill. For example, 2-kilo brand steak “Okhota na Ovets” is cooked by sous-vide technology. First, meat is left in vacuum pack for around 7 hours at low temperature; then it is grilled and served to the table. Do not hesitate to order spring rolls with shrimps, Tom Yum soup with seafood, yellow Indonesian curry, rice with pork and kimchee, molecular ice-cream. The drinks menu includes homemade lemonades, liquors and signature cocktails such as Singapore Sling, Asian martini, Morning in Bangladesh and Chinese cherry with golden rum.
Address: 10b, Vozdvyzhenska street


nikkei rolls
Ronin was the first restaurant in Kyiv and even in Ukraine that presented Nikkei – an interesting combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine food, created by Japanese emigrants in Peru. Here you can try seviche (fresh fish and seafood in citrus marinade with tropic sauce), Tostaditos flat cakes with meat and fish, causas made of potatoes with meat and exotic sauces, Peruvian sushi and rolls, tasty and healthy desserts without oil, flour and sugar. Ronin can also boast a large collection of Japanese whiskey, cocktails with Pisco – Peruvian grape vodka, unusual wines, Singapore tea and freshly-roasted coffee.
Address: 10, Zoologichna street


many vietnamese dishes
Chang bistronomy will delight you with the best Vietnamese culinary wonders with much greenery, spices and flavor of French cuisine that is typical for South Vietnam. On each table, you will find three Vietnamese sauces: spicy Sriracha, less spicy chili jam and classic fish sauce with lime fresh, red pepper and garlic. Here you can taste traditional Pho soup with chicken, beef or mushrooms, Nem spring rolls with shrimps and pork. The classic cocktails here have Eastern touches: Gin tonic is made with currant, Aperol – with strawberry, Mojito – with cilantro and chili pepper. It is also recommended to try homemade lemonades and Vietnamese coffee.
Address: 23a, Yaroslaviv Val street


korean dishes on table
Arirang is a Korean cuisine restaurant in the heart of Kyiv, serving Korean dishes made by authentic recipes. This cozy place is highly appreciated by native Koreans, students, gourmands and those who seek new tastes and impressions. The restaurant has three halls; the design of the spot pleases the eye with traditional elements of the Eastern country. Arirang provides its guests with an attractive option to organize a private party in one of the restaurant`s halls. Here you can try wide range of soups, complex and main dishes, wines, cocktails and other alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. By the way, each order is served with six types of salads in accordance with Korean tradition. Students and persons who come to Arirang restaurant on their birthday are offered significant discounts for food and drinks.
Address: 160, Antonovycha street
Exotic cuisine restaurants in Kyiv promise to brighten your fall with the new exciting tastes. Bon appetite!
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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