Secret Bars and Cafés of Kyiv

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It`s always a pleasure to go to a fancy bar for some drinks. However, it is more enjoyable when it`s not just an ordinary bar, but an exclusive spot known only by chosen ones. Hidden bar with no sign, a café in yard with ravens and even a bar with entrance in a closet… These and more wonders await for you in the secret bars and cafés of Kyiv.


cocktails with ice in glasses on bar counter
You can find this bar by a small sign near the entrance. Just go down the mysterious stairs to the basement, and you are here. Bar/13 keeps to the concept of speakeasy place: you will see brick walls, subdued lights and atmospheric elements such as burning candles. In Bar/13, guests can try three types of cocktails: medium, coupe and long. All cocktails are mixed according to the recipes of the famous bartenders using classic and signature techniques. At the evenings, guests are welcome to listen to DJ sets.
Address: 21/13, Reitarska street

Parovoz Speak Easy

crowded bar
Parovoz, opened in 2002 at the location of the former computer club, was one of the first Kyiv bars that chose speakeasy format. This bar is considered as one of the best in the capital and has already opened its own mixology school. During 15 years of work, Parovoz became quite popular, and nowadays can be barely called a secret place. However, a random passer-by will hardly find this spot inside “Kyiv” cinema. To get in, you will have to go down to the basement on the left from the main cinema entrance. The cocktail menu of Parovoz includes both classic and signature drinks. The bar delights with friendly atmosphere, retro design, high-quality service and the best team of the professional bartenders.
Address: 19, Velyka Vasylkivska street

Check-In Kyiv Bar

bartender hands making drink
The entrance to this bar is hidden behind the secret door of one of the closets near Chicken Kyiv restaurant checkroom. The bar impresses with 1970s style design and unique cocktails for UAH 98. The cocktail menu is divided into two parts: aperitifs and digestives. Here you will find thematic cocktails, some of which are dedicated to the history of Ukrainian capital. These are such drinks as Gorodetskiy, Kyiv Spring, Khreschatyk, 1991, Olimpiyskiy. All these drinks are true masterpieces with unusual ingredients – for example, Khreschatyk cocktail includes chestnut cream. Check-in Kyiv Bar can boast a whole lab of innovative equipment that allows bartenders to mix the most exotic cocktail components. Here you can try whiskey with stickjaw taste, transparent tomato juice and many other.
Address: 15/4, Khreschatyk street

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Kashtan Coffee Spot in Yard with Ravens

chess, glass with coffee and empty glass on table
Kashtan (“Chestnut”) is a cozy coffee shop, located in the front of well-known ravens` aviary in a small yard on Reitarska street. The café has chestnuts in its name and design. Here you can have a seat in one of the stylish halls or at the tables outside. The guests are offered to play chess and to listen to vinyl discs. As for the menu, it has many types of cold and hot coffee. Here you can taste espresso, cappuccino, Americano, flat white, cold brew. Kashtan also serves vegan coffee made of soy, coconut or almond milk. Those who want to have a bite can pick delicious sweets and pies.
Address: 9b, Reitarska street


three fancy cocktails in glasses
Loggerhead does not have a sign and even a Facebook page. The founders of the spot do not give interviews, and the entrance to the bar, located in the arch on one of the city`s main streets, is disguised as a transformer pillar. To get in, guests have to pull a bell and to say the password –"loggerhead". However, the bar is often full, so no one is guaranteed to get a table here. Moreover, Loggerhead has strict face control, so visitors can be refused to have a drink or even to get inside with no obvious reason. If you are lucky enough to overcome all the difficulties and to get into the bar, you will enjoy old stylish arch-shaped roof, brickwork of the XIX century, smooth amber lights, sound of jazz and delicious cocktails served in unusual ways.
Address: 1, Tarasa Shevchenko boulevard

Squat 17b Yard Cafe

book, drink, dreamcatcher, glasses and flowers on table
If you want to visit this unusual café, you will have to go into a small yard at one of Kyiv central streets. Squat 17b Yard café, surrounded by abandoned buildings, is a colorful oasis that delights with unique design and tasty drinks & snacks. Here you will see old refrigerators filled with books, table on a tree, bar counter in the Hawaii style, handmade tables, hammock and many bright décor elements. The menu offers different types of coffee, Pu-erh tea, mate, cocoa, shakes and lemonades. As for snacks, here you can order tasty cheesecakes, muffins and cheese plates.
Address: 17b, Tereshenkivska street

Hendrick’s bar

people sitting in bar at bar counter
Hendrick’s is a small bar hidden in the basement of well-known True Burger cafe. The bar has no sign – just go inside True Burger and ask where to go next. Design and music in Hendrick’s keep to the style of old American bars of the Dry Law times. The bar menu has strong drinks and around 40 different cocktails. Here you will find classic, signature and “travelling” cocktails from the best bars of the world.
Address: 42, Bohdana Khmelnytskogo street
While visiting hidden bars and cafes of Kyiv you will discover secret life of the capital and feel like a local. Welcome!
Photo source: websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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