Outstanding Historical Characters of Ukraine

At all times in any country there are great people who influence geopolitics, change the course of history and sometimes they do not need to be kings for this. Occasionally these are invisible courtiers or tender wives of powerful rulers, but they were able to create or destroy entire empires and change the destinies of entire generations. Who are the outstanding historical characters of Ukraine?

Articles of the Theme

The Beautiful Elisiv: How Kyivan Princess Elizabeth Became the Queen of Norway and Denmark

Anna of Kyiv, the Queen of France, is not the only Kyivan woman destined to become a queen on European soil. Her sisters also married European kings. Among them, Anastasia ascended the throne of Hungary, and Elizabeth, the subject of this account, became first the Queen of Norway and later of Denmark....

Ukrainian Women Who Changed the History: Roksolana

Hurrem Sultan, also known under the name Roksolana, was the wife of famous Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent. She became the first woman in the history of the East who shared the right of ruling the Empire with her husband....