Top Beautiful Places of the Carpathians


The incredible beauty of the Carpathians attracts both Ukrainians and numerous tourists from abroad. There you will find many unique and striking places that are really breathtaking. Here is a list of the most interesting attractions that you should visit during carpathian travel.

Mount Goverla

(Ivano-Frankivsk District, Zakarpattya Region)


Many tourists begin to explore the Carpathians from Hoverla. This is the highest mountain and the highest point on the territory of Ukraine. Hoverla is located on the border of the Zakarpattya and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Despite the height, it is not so difficult to get on its top. Its slopes are rather gentle. From its summit, under the condition of good visibility, you can see the cities of Ivano-Frankivsk region in the north, as well as one Romanian city. In addition, the Transcarpathian mountain Petros is clearly visible from the top of Hoverla. In clear weather, you will also see the White Elephant Observatory on Mount Ivan Pop.

Village of Kryvorivnya

(Verkhovyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region)


Krivorivnya is an ancient alpine Hutsul village that allows you to travel back in time, get in the past and get acquainted with the authentic culture of the inhabitants of the Carpathians. Despite the poorly developed infrastructure and the absence of many benefits of civilization, this place is popular among tourists who are tired of the noise of cities. Both in the past and now famous cultural figures come here for summer vacations. In Krivorovna and nearby villages, the customs of witchcraft are common. These traditions originate in the pre-Christian past. People involved in this craft, as well as healers, are called “molfars” here. In addition, folk rituals, holidays and festivals are held here.

Synevir lake

(Synevirska Polyana village, Zakarpattya Region)


Lake Synevir is one of the most beautiful points on the Carpathian mountains map. This is the deepest and largest mountain lake in Ukraine, as well as the most famous lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The pond is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level, and its maximum depth is 24 meters. Due to the height of the location and great depth, the water in the lake does not warm up more than 1-2 meters even in summer. In the center of the lake there is a small island resembling a pupil. Therefore, it is sometimes called the Sea Eye. A large number of trout and crayfish are found in the lake, but fishing is prohibited

Waterfall Shypot

(Zakarpattya Region)


Not far from Synevir Lake the most beautiful waterfall of the country is located. This is a famous tourist attraction, special bus tours are organized to this place. Shepit is the most powerful waterfall in Transcarpathia, it is striking in its grandeur and ability to immerse in a state of trance. Spring is the best time to visit it.

Molochnyi Kamin Cave

(Tyachivskyi district, Zakarpatska region)


Going to “Karpaty” in Ukraine, visit the Molochnyi Kamin (Milky Stone) Cave. It is also located in Transcarpathia. The name comes from the color of the saturated lime mortar from which the arch and the walls of the cave consist. The cave has two tiers and two turns. The short western course ends in a dead end, and the eastern one takes you to a fairly spacious hall measuring 10 by 15 meters and up to 15 m high. In addition, in front of the entrance you will see unique stalactites resembling huge organ pipes.

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