Traveling to Uzhhorod: Places to See

Uzhhorod Castle

Uzhhgorod has a rich history, beautiful attractions, coffee-shops with the best coffee in Ukraine, cozy small streets and sakura trees which attract tourists in spring.

Traveling from Kyiv to Uzhhorod

Uzhhgorod offers a lot of tourist attractions worth visiting. It is possible to take a bus, train or a car ride to get to Uzhhorod from Kyiv. Bus ticket costs UAH 500 but it is a long 11 hours trip. It is more comfortable to take a night train for the same price and to sleep while the trip. The accommodation in Uzhhorod can cost starting from UAH 400 per night.

Places to visit in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod castle
The first thing that comes to mind is the magnificent fortress, which is located on Zamkova hill. The history of the castle is includes a lot of legends. The age of the fortress is almost one thousand years old. The castle has a magnificent view. Its rebuilding in the 16th century was made by Italian masters who brought Renaissance motifs into the architecture of the palace. The castle owners have been constantly changing, but everyone has left a memory of himself.
The inner courtyard is located on the territory of the Uzhhorod castle. There you can see the beautiful garden, mythical statues, as well as the foundation of the church of St. George, which dates back to the 14th century. The inner courtyard also offers a magnificent panorama of the city. In the same palace there is an ethnographic museum with very interesting expositions. The interior chapel with beautiful freso paintings deserves attention too.

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Pid Zamkom (Under the Castle) Cafe
The cafe is located near the castle, on the Olbracht street. If you want to see a mix of a cafe and a museum, then you have to go here. It is also known as "Snack" café here and it is the oldest operating cafe of Uzhhgorod, working since 1988. The owner of this institution, Yuri Rusnak and his friends, collected exhibits from the period of Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet period. Here you can not only see interesting things of the past, but also to drink a delicious beer.
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life
It is recommended to visit this museum, if you are interested in Ukrainian history and architecture. The museum is located next to the castle on the right side. This open-air museum in Uzhhgorod was one of the first in Ukraine. It's not just a museum in the classical form, but an entire old village. The collected objects date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.
Botanical Garden
Without a doubt, this garden can be called the decoration of Uzhhgorod. Here are the unique types of flora gathered from around the world - Magnolia, Sakura, Japanese Sophora, Babylonian Willow and many others. In the greenhouse of the garden the tropical and subtropical plants grow.
Corzo Street
Translated from the Italian language "Corzo" means a place for walks. This street name is associated with the Italian Druget counts, which owned the city for almost four centuries. The architecture of the street was formed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Corzo is the central street of the city with cozy courtyards, lovely cafes and interesting shops. Street musicians often perform here.
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Voloshin Street
The street is named after the former President of Carpatho-Ukrainian Augustine Voloshin. This street is rich with architectural monuments. Here is the Roman Catholic Church of St. George dated to the second half of the 18th century, the first women's gymnasium St. Giselle constructed in 1902. Today it is a music school. On the same street there is the Transcarpathian Art Institute with the ancient arch as an entrance to it. And finally you can visit the monumental building of the former Basilian monastery, which is now part of Uzhhorod University.
Malyy Halahov
Malyy Halahov is a Czech district in Uzhhorod. This area once was a slew, flooded with the Small Uzh River. The main highlight and tourist attraction here are the streets planted with sakura. In April - May tourists come here not only from all corners of Ukraine, but also form Europe, to look at the magnificent pink blossom of Japanese sakuras.
Uzhhorod can show you a lot of interesting and secret places worth seeing with your own eyes!

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