Spring 2019 Destinations around Lviv: Discovering Ukraine


Traveling around Ukraine can be a real adventure. Every area of our country has some special destinations to offer. Let’s go around Lviv.

Cave Monastery
Cave monastery

There are real stone towns and even a cave monastery not far from Lviv. A significant part of the capital of the state of the White Croats has been preserved in the village of Stilsko. These small houses now resemble Frodo's house, but long time ago real warriors lived there.

A mysterious cave monastery has survived in the woods outside the village of Razgorch’e. Researchers suggest that Christian monks settled there during the time of Kievan Rus to distract from the hustle and bustle and to devote their lives to serving God.
Getting there: Stilsko village is located 10 km east of Nikolayiv in Lviv region. From Lviv you can get to the village of Trostyanets by taxi, and from there by bus (runs every 1-2 hours) to the rural stop. Travel time - 2-3 hours.
"Golden Horseshoe" Castles

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Castles of the so-called "Golden Horseshoe" are considered the most grandiose castle heritage in Galicia. The main objects of this route are Olesky, Podgoritsky and Zolochevsky castles.
Olesky Castle is the first on the road from Lviv. According to historical sources, hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky spent several days in the castle.

Podgoretsky castle has great architectural value - it is one of the most beautiful in Europe since the Renaissance epoch. Today, the castle itself continues to be restored, so only the facade and territory around it are available for tourists.
A copy of the crown of the only Ukrainian king Daniil Galitsky is kept in Zolochevsky Castle. Next to it, you can get to the "Chinese Palace", where the Museum of Oriental Cultures is located.
Getting there: The best way is to book a tour in Lviv in a travel company.
Tustan Fortress City

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In ancient times, here the Salt Route passed, and salt from Galicia got to Europe. Here was built a solid fortress city Tustan, which became the border and customs center between the Galicia-Volyn principality and Hungary. Thanks to the cliffs, fortifications were built around it and a defensive complex was created. Now the ruins remain on the site of this ancient city.

How to get to the village of Urych from Lviv: there are regular buses from the main bus station in Lviv. You can go by train as well from the main and suburban railway stations. You need to get off at Verkhne Sinevidne station and use a regular bus to the village of Urych or the services of local private carriers.
By car, you need to go on the highway T1416 and T1402 to the town of Skhidnitsa, where you turn onto the road T1421 to the village of Urych.

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Truskavets is one of the largest and most famous spa resorts in Ukraine. It consists of about 40 resorts, and water is extracted from 14 sources with different therapeutic composition. In addition to improving the health you can also have fun in the local restaurants and clubs. Modern cozy Truskavets can offer rest for every taste.
How to get to Truskavets: by regular bus from the main bus station and trains from the main and suburban railway stations of Lviv. You need to go by car from Lviv by the roads T1416 and T1402.
Kamenka waterfall and Dead Lake
A mountain river with clear water, surrounded by forest and picturesque mountain ranges leads to Kamenka waterfall. It was created by rapids on the river near the village of the same name in the Lviv region. It is located in the Skolevski Beskydy National Natural Park.

This is a single-cascade waterfall with a total height of over 7 m. Here you can see scenic panoramas, mountain landscapes, massive stone rocks and feel the rapid flow of the river. There is a glade not far from the waterfall where it is convenient to put up a tent, kindle a fire and admire the scenery.
There is another interesting place not far from the waterfall – Zhuravlyle Lake (Crane lake). Its water is cold and dark, with a high content of hydrogen sulfide, so it is also called the Dead Lake.

How to get there: The journey from Lviv to the waterfall can be made by regular buses from the main bus station in Lviv. Also you can go by train from the main and suburban railway stations. But in the city of Stryi you need to transfer to the minibus to the village of Kamenka or to go out in the town of Skole and walk a few kilometers. You need to go by car from Lviv along the E50 / E471 / M06 highway to the village of Dubina, where you turn left and follow the road to the waterfall.

Places around Lviv are real pearls and touristic attractions worth visiting. But it is better to get a car and a local friend who will help you to get to these beautiful destinations.
Photos: depositphotos.com and volocyga.com.ua

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