Discovering Sumy: Touristic Attractions

Sumy city

Sumy - a city in north-eastern Ukraine - has appeared on the map of the country during the liberation struggle under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Officially, 1652 is the date of its foundation. Cossacks where the first inhabitants of Sumy. Today Sumy is the capital of Sumy Oblast.

Sumy is a kind of "mix" of monuments of antiquity and modernity. The city can be proud of the architecture, which is able to overshadow all previous ideas about the arrangement of any settlement. Today, there are 5 universities, great museums, several progressive theaters, a cinema, libraries, and many other attractions.
Pokrovska Square in the center of Sumy is immersed in two public gardens, and in architectural terms it combines the traditions of all historical eras. Here is one of the symbols of the city - the glorious, ancient Sumy gazebo. Its construction is a multi-layered work of art that embodies the whole range of ideas about the world of ancient Ukrainians.

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The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior (1882-1892) located on Soborna Street, impresses with its architectural design: the bell tower is in the Baroque style, and numerous details combine the features of both classicism and renaissance.
There is also a “palace” in Sumy - the building of the former women's gymnasium has a particularly elongated, even openwork solution to the decor. Today, one of the faculties of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine is located here.
Connoisseurs of architecture call Trinity Cathedral the pride of Sumy and one of the most beautiful temples in Ukraine. The temple has a very interesting history: its construction literally ended with restoration in 1988. The building, laid back in 1901, was actually completed and ready for consecration in 1914. However, the death of the patron I. Kharitonenko, at whose expense the temple was built, and then the violent military events in the country stopped the process. As a result there was a museum there within Soviet time. Since Ukraine is independent country, the Cathedral became a church.
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"Fairy Tale" Park is the place to be interesting for both children and adults. Magic castles, lakes and a lot of green trees make it the place for weekend walk with family and friends.
House-Museum of Anton Chekhov is also located in Sumy. The famous writer lived here only for one year (1888 -1889), but the museum’s exposition is very interesting: there are almost 1,800 exhibits, including household items, furniture, photographs, documents, etc.
If you are tired from all tourist attractions and sightseeing, you can sit in one of many cozy cafes and restaurants of the city enjoying your meal or just cup of coffee.
Sumy is the place where you can spend a lot of time discovering all its treasures and places to visit!

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