Ukrainian Designer Brands at the Maison&Objet Exhibition 2019

Interior design by Goloob Design Bureau

Following the successful September 2018 debut of the collective stand of five Ukrainian designer brands at the French Maison & Objet salon, leading Ukrainian designers returned on the European stage in 2019. The Ukrainian Design Brands Vol.2 collective stand was presented at the winter Maison&Objet 2019 in Paris.

Five remarkable Ukrainian manufacturers and bureaus, selected on a competitive basis, showcased their new collections of furniture, interior decoration and lighting.


“WE ART THE WORLD!” — this is the slogan of the famous modern Ukrainian design and architecture workshop SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS, which successfully works in three areas: interior design, architecture, and product design. In 15 years, the studio has implemented almost 600 projects in 16 countries. SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS has a distinct and recognizable style, which its founder, Sergey Makhno, the architect, calls Ukrainian Contemporary, masterfully combining minimalism, art, Ukrainian traditions and Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. Last year the studio opened its own ceramic production and is now exploring possibilities of this material in unexpected and new surprising directions for design thinking.

The works of SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS have been honored with prestigious international awards: Red Dot Design Award, The International Property Awards, SBID.“UKRSAVANA” collection of furniture and accessories

Uma lamps

SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS Uma lampsUma birds are the first settlers of Ukrsavana collection of furniture and accessories. They warmed the frozen fields with their magic light, and the new world began. Uma is a perfect additional light, which emphasizes certain things, and leaves others in the shade. Made either of copper or ceramics, Uma fills the interiors with exquisiteness and sophistication.

Goloob Design Bureau

This Ukrainian company is distinguished by its modern and refined design, opening new expressive possibilities for traditional materials — faience, porcelain and wood. The brand follows the Slow Design concept and emphasizes the beauty and importance of everyday things. Goloob Design Bureau not only creates objects but fills every thing with an emotional sense. This can be felt by touching the rough surface of a round lamp, taking a mirror into your hands or by clicking a few times a ceramic switch. Goloob items embody a sensory experience of interacting with the world.

Three works are presented at the exhibition. Maria Krasiuk, the designer, has created for Goloob a large table lamp with a round bowl shade and a pedestal for a mirror in the form of a coffee bean. Both works are made of faience and have complex bionic forms. The third object is a porcelain socket developed by the Dorogaya Studio. Due to its distinct shape and accent design, the electrical oii socket acquires a new meaning in the interior.

Electrical oii socket (Dorogaya studio’s design)

Porcelain Electrical oii socketUp to now, the socket was just a functional element of the interior. Created be noticeable oii power socket collection recalls the Ukrainian tradition of decorating living rooms with plaques. In traditional homes in Ukraine, there were plate rails on the walls. It is a remarkable element of coziness, which you can see mostly in little country hotels. Oii socket combines that tradition and utility. Goloob Design Bureau have produced one minimalistic collection and one in traditional Ukrainian patterns made of porcelain.


The Ukrainian furniture brand, which began with individual pieces, now develops complete collections in cooperation with designers and architects. Most items from the new collection will be presented for the first time at the Maison&Objet exhibition in Paris in January 2019.

The collection for the “home office” is made according to all the rules of modern functionality, rationality and elegant minimalism. The main colour of the collection is the warm shade of “maple syrup”. The main materials are high quality ash wood and soft leather, which are used in all products of the “set”. They perfectly reflect the company’s love for natural tactile surfaces. Every item is designed in such a way that it can be easily put together and taken apart. Collectibles are easily combined with each other, both in the home work space and the office. This collection is able to create a concentrated and warm working atmosphere not only at home but also in noisy co-working environment.

VM desk (designed by Sergey Gotvyansky) and Mild chair (designed by Kateryna Sokolova)

VM Desk by MZPAVM desk is an office desk in a smart casual style designed by Sergey Gotvyansky, renowned Ukrainian designer and co-founder of Nott Design Studio. The desk, made of tough, durable ash wood, has an elegant and exquisite “top manager” look. Warm tones and leather details make even the most stressful workflow a comfortable and cosy one. An important feature of the desk is a bag-organizer of durable and soft leather.

Wooden handles with which the bag is decorated are not just a design discovery but a functional element: the main idea of the bag-organizer is that at any moment you can simply take a bag with all the necessary things and go, without fear of forgetting anything important in the office. The wooden body of the desk creates a light and figurable silhouette that fits perfectly with any interior. In addition, the VM desk folds easily and neatly to help you save and economize space and, as well as shipping costs. You’d agree, this is the perfect “business partner”.

Mild chair, made of ash wood and fabrics, has a particularly elegant design and combines functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic pleasure, at the same time meeting all requirements for the most comfortable seating place. Mild chair combines Scandinavian character with a French charm. The easy-flow lines of the wooden frame of the chair are stabilized with a wide soft seat
and ergonomic back which ensures optimal comfort. Upholstery of the chair is made of fabric. Mild chair ideally combines with a VM desk.

Next Level Lighting (NLL) 

Next Level Lighting (NLL) light company is located in the west of Ukraine and continues the tradition of high-quality wood processing for the production of unique light fixtures. For four years, the studio, which was founded by Artem Kolyuka and Mykola Savin, has specialized in chandeliers and premium wooden decoration. Since 2014 NLL products have been popular not only among designers and architectural studios, but with admirers of interesting and qualitative things from North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Vortex chandelier (designed by Artem Kolyuka)

Vortex chandelierVortex chandelier, which reconsiders the vortex form and the tornado funnel, is a novelty of the model range of the Interstellar series. With its visual lines, the chandelier is in motion from all angles of observation. Delicate and compact, assembled into a single unit of many wooden light modules, the formation gives a soft light that is directed down and up. The chandelier has built-in professional LED lighting.


The main areas of activity of QUALITA company are the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows, stairs, and other interior and exterior elements. The variability and flexibility of the solutions allows customers to implement complex, non-standard projects within a single company. It also greatly facilitates the process of approval and integration of all products in the living space. In-house production by the company allows them to embody the most challenging ideas, filling the house with unique interior details. In the manufacture of products, only certified materials and components are used that guarantee the safety and environmental friendliness of the final product. This is especially important for families with small children and in general all people who value a high standard of living.

Op-art furniture collection (designed by Yuriy Zymenko)

Op-art furniture collectionThe design of Op-art collection is the result of the endless expansion of the sphere of functional art. At the same time, the collection items are not only meaningful and structurally logical, but emotionally expressive. Due to the gradual change in the shape of the milling, the planes become mobile and “alive”. This creates the effect of kinetically deep surfaces. In a subject not only the form but also the colour works. Under the natural birch plywood, the black matte base is hidden – a vivid contrast that creates a deep visual impression.

But bold design does not interfere with the furniture from organically fitting into any space, and without disturbing the harmony of the atmosphere. Obviously, it is such furniture that acquires aesthetic value. In this case, the product corresponds to its direct functional purpose. Through the use of natural birch plywood, the furniture has a noble naturalness, and massive metal elements add character. The product configuration involves a complex element—a combination of parts at an angle of 45˚, as well as sharp edges of the shelf at an angle of 45˚. In the production of items only certified materials and components are used; Blum, Hafele accessories.

Photos provided by Ukrainian Designer Brands.

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