BOTTEGA: Designer Collaboration

Yulia Bezhenar, owner of BOTTEGA

Despite the difficult economic and political situation, fashion business in Ukraine is still in demand and continues to develop.

Yulia Bezhenar is a public activist, business woman and owner of the BOTTEGA luxury boutique. Although her fashion business has not marked its first anniversary yet, the boutique has quickly won clients and is ready to present new forms and solutions.

– The center's available equipment will still be considered BOTTEGA was conceived as men's fashion boutique. Why did you choose this sector?

Bottega boutiqueI had a simple reason. For years, I have been a go-to stylist for the three men I love: my husband and two sons. So, I have become a guru of men's fashion. Another reason is that demand for luxury men's clothes has constantly been growing. An ability to express oneself with the choice of a suit and the right selection of brands is a sort of a pass to certain circles of communication and influence.

– Could you tell us about your cooperation with Couture de Fleur?

I attended the brand's first show. I have never seen such a vibrant, colorful and bold collection as this. I have known Couture de Fleur owner Inna Katiushchenko for ages. She is in publishing and the Viva! magazine often had my sons, the Ar.Money Boys duet, on its pages.

So, Inna and I are now collaborating. I will not spill the beans yet. The BOTTEGA boutique will feature Couture de Fleur collections in 2019. Thus, it is going to be a one stop source of men's and women's luxury clothes.

– What problems did you face opening your business?

There were no problems, there were tasks. I do not share an opinion that now is the wrong time to open a business in our country. The key factors for achieving success are to believe that it is going to work and love God and people. What you should not have for sure is doubt. Оtherwise you should not even start. Because of my public work, I have many friends in show business. They were my first clients. I rely on trust, extend credit to customers and offer good deals – and they appreciate it!

– You pay a lot of attention to social activities, help orphanages…

I care about children's ability to integrate into public life as effectively as possible once they leave orphanages. Then they will be able to be successful and manage their own life. Therefore, apart from various festive events with presents and material assistance, my partners and I hold thematic workshops for children where we introduce them to various modern professions. And who knows, maybe this first interest will become the key to children's future personal fulfilment.

Photo: Andrey Bychkovsiy
Author: Olga Koval

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