10 Ukrainian Decor Brands for Cozy Winter Interior

Cozy winter holiday decor

The holidays might be over but it doesn't mean that the winter coziness should be gone too. We picked 10 items from Ukrainian brands to add a homey touch to the New Year's interior.

Candles: Orner

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Публикация от ORNER (@orner_store)

Orner is one of the most popular brands of presents founded in 2013. Its range of products includes planners, chocolate, candles and most famously tableware with funny illustrations. The pastel grey Make a Wish candle is made from the natural French perfume oils and has a sweet aroma with champagne notes. The candle will keep the room warm and light for 35 hours.

Wreath: Pachedecor

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Ukrainian company Pachedecor specializes in making wreaths of various types and for different occasions. Most of the represented wreaths give out the Christmasy vibe: pine cones and golden acorns adorned with a red satin ribbon. Pachedecor also uses a unique element - dried lotus seeds.

Cozy blankets: Woolkrafts

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Публикация от ПЛЕДЫ WOOLKRAFTS (@woolkrafts)

Woolkrafts brand was created about four years ago to diversify the existing picture of Ukrainian-made blankets. Throughout this time, the brand became popular in the country and outside its borders during the Paris Design Week 2018. The cozy Tiger blanket for kids is made from 50% cotton and 50% acryl. As the name suggests, it depicts a Tiger with a somewhat puzzled look on the background of leaves.

Linen: Balvery Home

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Публикация от Постельное белье (@balveryhome)

Balvery Home specializes in high-quality bed linen made from natural materials like satin, linen, cotton and poplin. This Ukrainian brand offers readymade models and accepts individual orders. The dusty pink set can help to create a homey vibe and transition from the traditional Christmas red accents to the more gentle tone. Besides, it perfectly matches grey blankets and fuzzy carpets.

Teepee: Happy Spaces

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Публикация от ВИГВАМ БОРТИКИ ПОДУШКИ КОРЗИНЫ (@happy_spaces)

Happy Spaces is a Ukrainian family business that focuses on children's textile products. The main principles are safe production, unique designs and motifs as well as fully integrated solutions, which makes it easier for parents to pick an item. A teepee is one of the constructions that kids adore in nearly every age: perfect for secret games, storing especially treasured toys and even sleeping. The teepee with pink dreamcatchers is made of cotton and is 1.65 meters high. It comes with a case for convenient storing.

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Crockery: Manna Ceramics

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Публикация от Керамічний посуд MannaCeramics (@manna_ceramics)

Manna Ceramics is a Ukrainian brand that makes creative crockery for individual orders and for fine dining business. The list of the brand's clients includes stylish cafes and restaurants like Milk Bar, Kanapa, Ronin, Barvy as well as Radisson Blu hotel in Kyiv. The MannaModern series has a milk-colored plate perfect for serving delicious desserts like brownies and gingerbread cookies. The plate is 19 cm in size, so it will be enough to cater for two.

Tablecloth: Moon Linen

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Публикация от Moonlinen (@moonlinen)

Moon Linen is one of the most popular tablecloth brands represented on numerous Vsi. Svoi markets. The company uses high-quality materials and minimalistic designs in their products. The tablecloth made from unbleached linen with embroidered red Christmas trees will be a nice touch for the winter table, especially if you aim for the natural style.

Florarium: Hallabooda

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Публикация от Флорариум Декор Hallabooda (@hallabooda)

Hallabooda is a popular Ukrainian company that makes trendy florariums - geometric glass terrariums for succulents. The sharply-shaped items quickly conquered Pinterest and Instagram a few years ago. Nowadays Ukraine has companies that find owners for numerous succulents. The pencil-shaped florarium comes in silver, black and copper. The plants are picked individually.

Memory board: Homey

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Публикация от HOMEY Декор Для Дома (@homey_decor_ua)

Ukrainian brand Homey creates unique minimalistic decor like vases, calendars, pillows, storing spaces and memory boards. The item can brighten up the living room and bring an individual touch, as it can be used for a large open photo frame or a mood board. The grey hexagon memory board is made from wood, it doesn't require mounting on the wall, can be placed vertically or horizontally and has 5 wooden clothespins in the kit.

Planner: Poof Poof

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Публикация от Магазин красивой канцелярии (@poofpoof.com.ua)

Poof Poof is a brand of stylish stationery either made in Ukraine or imported from Korea. The product range includes nearly everything starting from calendars and notebooks to stickers, pens and planners. The latter are especially popular - the weekly planner has enough leaves for the whole year but it isn't dated, so you can start whenever you wish. The dusty pink planner has enough space for each day of the week as well as notes and the to-do list.

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order. Cover photo: unsplash.com.

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