Cost of Living and Conditions in Kyiv 2018

Cost of Living and Conditions in Kyiv 2018

Those who are going to stay in Kyiv for a short or long-term period always wonder about cost of living in the city and the best districts for renting or buying an apartment. We have some good news: according to international rates, Kyiv is considered as one of the cheapest cities in the world! Let`s compare Kyiv prices with other cities and learn which Kyiv district is the best to live in.

Recently, Numbeo international online database has updated its information about life in Ukrainian capital. Numbeo is an online rate established by an ex-programmer of Google in 2009, gathering actual information from users about conditions and cost of living in different cities of the world. According to the latest information published by Numbeo, Kyiv is currently one of the cheapest cities in Europe and in the whole world to live in. In Numbeo rating, the prices in Ukrainian capital are much closer to the prices of cheap cities like Kolkata in India, Karachi in Pakistan and Cairo in Egypt, than to the prices in top expensive world cities such as Zurich and Bern in Switzerland, Oslo and Bergen in Norway, New York in the USA, Kyoto in Japan and Reykjavik in Iceland. You may see detailed average prices in Kyiv for renting an apartment, using transport, visiting restaurants and markets and many other here. For example, renting a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center costs around UAH 11500, and a dinner for two in a middle-priced restaurant costs UAH 500. The cost of living in Kyiv is 73% cheaper than in New York – one of the most expensive cities of the world.
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So where particularly are the best living conditions in Kyiv? Traditionally, Pechersky, Shevchenkovsky and Podil districts of Kyiv are considered as the most prestigious and comfortable areas to live in. However, prices there are not the cheapest in the city. Obolonsky district, located quite far from Kyiv center, is also a good choice, and its prices are more inviting than in the central areas. According to the latest information of Kyiv state administration, other Kyiv districts are also evolving pretty fast and deserve attention of those who look for a place to stay in Ukrainian capital. Recently, the administration has published the general rate of administrative work success in all districts of Ukrainian capital for the period of year 2017. The rate is based on 15 different factors, including amount of successful work with people`s appeals concerning housing services, urban beautification and consumer market; quantity and quality of administrative services provision; budget revenue and many other.
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Surprisingly, Solomensky district of Kyiv, well-known for such objects as Kyiv Central Railway station and Zhulyany airport, became the leader of 2017 rating. The previous year was very successful for this district and its dwellers. The list of 2017 achievements of Solomensky district administration includes construction and opening of a new school; beginning of one more new school construction on 36c, Otradny avenue; beginning of reconstruction of the park on 81a, Gavela avenue (this park has been in ruins for many years); carrying out repair works in hundreds of residential buildings; reconstruction and providing new modern medical equipment to polyclinic on 3, Komarova street; start of reconstruction works in polyclinics on 17, Solomenska street and 36, Garmatna street.
Besides, Solomensky district can boast publicly funded reconstruction of 66 educational institutions, reconstruction of Otradny and Vozdukhoflotsky avenues, establishment of six new squares and thorough overhaul of four parks.
The second and the third positions in the rating are taken by Pechersky and Obolonsky districts correspondingly, while Goloseyevsky district of Ukrainian capital is on the last position.
This information on cost of living and conditions in Kyiv will surely help you in the course of planning your stay in Ukrainian capital. Have great time and live with comfort in Kyiv!
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