Switzerland Increases Aid to Ukraine

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In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Switzerland has increased its financial aid, committing an additional 11.8 million Swiss francs. This brings the total support for the winter period to around 26 million Swiss francs, as per the Swiss government's statement dated December 20, 2023.

 This increase bolsters efforts by NGOs assisting Ukrainians during the challenging winter months. Significant achievements include the repair of 1000 homes and the provision of heating materials to 1300 families in areas hardest hit by the conflict.

Organizations helping the relief efforts

The Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SKH) has been active in restoring essential services, particularly focusing on water supply and heating systems in shelled Ukrainian cities. Another key contributor, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), has partnered with "Zurich Helps Ukraine" to donate 156 hospital beds, addressing critical healthcare needs.

"Zürich hilft der Ukraine," a part of H+ Hospitals of Switzerland and led by Dr. Matteï Batruch, has contributed nearly 2 million Swiss francs in aid. The organization's efforts are particularly noteworthy given Dr. Batruch's medical background and commitment.

The humanitarian reach extends to the "Bogdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation," led by Mrs. Hrytsyna Batukh-Havrylyshyn. This foundation, with deep roots in Ukraine, has been a consistent supporter, focusing on long-term resilience. More insights are available in an interview with Mrs. Hrytsyna on our website.

Switzerland's dedication to aiding Ukraine was reaffirmed by Foreign Affairs Minister Ignazio Cassis at the Second "Ukraine Renewal Conference." He emphasized Switzerland's readiness to support Ukraine's ongoing needs.

Switzerland's increased aid and collaboration with humanitarian organizations underscore its commitment to providing not just immediate relief but also contributing to the broader efforts of rebuilding and resilience in Ukraine.


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