The Most Interesting "Winter" Inventions by Ukrainian Teenagers, students of JAS


Young Researchers of the Academy of Sciences Present Their Creations to Keep Warm During the Cold Season

The Junior Academy of Sciences showcases inventions by its students that could become our regular companions in the future winter seasons.

Daniel Dorosh and His Molecular-Thermal Linear Electrogenerator

A Ukrainian teenager has developed a technology that can convert chaotic molecular and atomic motion into electrical energy. Daniel believes this technology could replace other sources of electricity. If calculations hold, it could potentially power homes and even entire cities in the future.

"In physics, there is a term called 'Brownian particle,' which refers to a particle suspended in a liquid or gas that moves due to constant collisions with molecules. Its movement indicates that it has energy that can be converted into electricity," explains the young inventor. "The second important concept is electromagnetic induction, which is the phenomenon of generating an electric current in a conductor when there is a change in the magnetic field. So, by definition, if a magnet moves in a coil, it generates an electric current. In my molecular-thermal linear electrogenerator, I replaced the magnet in the coil with a Brownian particle. Therefore, due to the constant 'bombardment' by molecules, it can generate electricity directly from the air. I haven't created an experimental model yet, but I have demonstrated the feasibility of the technology theoretically."

Nazar Ovsyichuk and His Thermoelectric Generator

Nazar has developed a device that converts thermal energy into electricity to power gadgets. According to the inventor, his thermoelectric generator consists of a casing made of aluminum plates, Peltier elements (thermoelectric converters), semiconductors, a temperature sensor, an overheating alarm, and a USB port.

"My device is relevant during blackouts," says Nazar, "because it can charge a phone or other gadgets. Currently, the generator can only do that, but according to calculations, it can be made more powerful."

Volodymyr Chongin and His Window Solar Collector

Volodymyr has created an effective solar device that helps increase the temperature indoors. "The technology is quite simple," shares the inventor. "To make the collector, I first collected aluminum cans from beverages. Then, I cut out their top and bottom parts, painted them black because black absorbs heat, and finally glued the cans together with thermal glue to create a battery. My invention works like this: place the collector on a window, sunlight heats up the structure and the air circulating between the cans. Colder air from the room enters the collector from below, heats up, and, following the principle of convection, moves upward into the upper part of the room. This way, you can raise the room temperature by two to three degrees."

This solar collector is a simple and cost-effective way to make rooms warmer during the cold season on sunny days. Volodymyr has already tested it with his neighbors and confirmed its effectiveness.

You can find the full interview with these young scientists at the following link.


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