The Healing Power of Communication: from information to connection

"New connections" - Marianna Abramova

We are living in a new epoch - the change of communications paradigm. This is not only technologies which reshape the information flows and our interaction with the information.

The events in Ukraine opened many hearts and have shown the importance of communicating from the heart as well as the mind, reshaping our perceptions of each other and changing communications on all levels. Communication is information, information is everything.

In times of crisis we go to our hearts to look for the deepest answers and  address our messages to other hearts. This leads us to the new paradigm. 

Holistic approach in communications will be more and more integrated in people’s lives, businesses and even politics. In the end this is all about people… Our communications will be getting purer. I’m sure about it. A new paradigm in communication, one where we prioritize clarity, honesty, and empathy. This brings us closer to one another and helps address issues more effectively.

Initially human beings learned how to communicate to go through evolution together. Later we learned how to use our language to get what we need. Information became a weapon. Misinformation became a norm today, unfortunately. The whole world could see what consequences it can bring. The way we communicate has a powerful impact on our relationships, both personal and professional, and on society as a whole. When we manipulate our loved ones we can destroy our families. When journalism is manipulated, this leads to war. 

"Ties of Life" - Marianna Abramova

Being an optimist, I believe that different directions work too. Today it is important to do our best to think about information and communication like a healing instrument. It works magnificently. The only thing is that we need to practice holistic communications - when our mind is connected with our heart and we communicate with true clarity. This is an everyday spiritual act, needed from each of us.

How to practice a humanistic and holistic approach both in media and life? 

I found the brilliant answer in a book by a Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh «The Art of Communications»: «When you speak, allow the insight of our collective humanity to speak through you». 

I thought about what would be the best motivation for me in this practice. For sure it is to leave a cleaner informational environment for the future generations. Do we want them to live in constant tension and learn how to resist misinformation? Or to breathe freely, trust and enjoy the life of a creator… 

Our voices should be the voices of collective humanity. The choice belongs to us. And it begins with each small talk or basic conversation. The ability to communicate is a precious gift of the Universe to human beings. Let’s treat it with love and gratitude.


Art by: Marianna Abramova @abramova_marianna1


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