Made in Ukraine: 5 Sneakers Brands

Made in Ukraine: 5 Sneakers Brands

If the latest fashion trend with oversized Balenciaga sneakers doesn’t tickle your fancy, it might be the right time to apply to the local brands. In the latest years Ukrainian fashion has made a great leap from haute couture-only to various manufacturers who produce ready-to-wear apparel. Moreover, many Ukrainian companies usually offer custom tailoring — and it’s true even when it comes to shoes.


By far the most well-known Ukrainian shoe brand, Lapti shops are conveniently located in the major shopping centers in all districts of Kyiv. The manufacturing is based in Odesa, and according to the owners, the city inspires the designers with its Southern charm. Each pair of shoes is hand-made from the high-quality materials: the brand’s designers carefully choose all textiles from leather to lace in Italy.
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Lapti are famous for their often collaborations with Ukrainian designers like Poustovit and WeAnnaBe, or incorporating Ukrainian-style elements like paintings by Maria Prymachenko. The brand offers three types of sportswear: sneakers suitable for casual style, sneakers that are exclusively sportswear, and slipons. Lapti keeps up with the latest trends, so it’s not hard to find a timely stylish pair.
Where to buy: Lapti website, SkyMall, Gulliver, Ocean Plaza, Dream Town, Piramida, Lavina shopping malls in Kyiv
One of the first Ukrainian shoe brands, Circul was born in 2012 and ever since had gained popularity not only among common people but among local celebrities like ONUKA as well. The brand offers men’s and women’s collections that are regularly updated. Moreover, Circul offers individual tailoring, where the customer can choose the textile and color, as well as make sure the shoes fit perfectly for his or her size.
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Each pair available in the store is hand-made, made from materials brought exclusively from Italy. Besides, there’s a 6 months warranty for a free repair. Sneakers from Circul are represented in a broad color palette in a chic style that completes the smart-casual look.
Where to buy: Shift store, Kyiv

The mystery behind the brand’s name is easily revealed when you look at their shoes: all imaginable colors, patterns, and prints are welcome here. The Kyiv-based shoe manufactory is mainly inspired by the clients themselves — that’s why individual tailoring with specific colors and prints isn’t a rare occasion.
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However, if all you want is to come over to the store and find a ready-made pair, it’s possible as well. The sportswear is currently represented by ankle-high sneakers, and the collection is regularly updated.
Where to buy: Chameleon showroom, Kyiv
One more brand that is based in the capital, Gor is one of the most popular shoes represented in the Vsi.Svoi Khreshchatyk store. The reason lies behind the simplicity of sneakers models, broad color palette, and high-quality Italian materials. The brand’s designers often ask for the opinions of their clientele in Facebook, making it easier as ever to be heard. The custom tailoring for all sizes is available as well.
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The collections are updated each season, that’s why Gor has a little bit of everything from warm high-top sneakers to light spring/summer versions.
Where to buy: Gor Facebook page, Vsi.Svoi, Te-Shoes in Kyiv
Finally, one more brand represented in Vsi.Svoi — handmade men’s and women’s footwear MIAS. The highest-quality leather and repair warrants are among the reasons for the brand’s popularity. Updated each season, MIAS have autumn/winter options like ankle-high sneakers in khaki with faux fur, as well as bright items like full-white shoes with a golden plate or navy-blue slipons with a dragonfly application from the spring collection. The brand offers shipping in all regions of Ukraine.
Where to buy: Vsi.Svoi, Kyiv
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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