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Avocado is an undoubted and well-justified trend. Therefore, like any self-respecting trend, avocado pops up everywhere. Nowadays, people actively order avocado toasts, guacamole and similar dishes. As a consequence, a new cafe totally dedicated to avocado had opened in Kyiv, so I decided to visit Avocado cafe.


Previously, “Kiflyk” restaurant was located here at the address 27/6, Instytutska street. And you know – not much has changed since then. “Kiflyk” is alive, but now there is “avocado” sign on the wall for some reason. Well, also the chairs became green. But these are not the most important things. The most essential point is food.
cafe interior


However, first I had to order food, and to do so I needed someone to come up to me. Inexplicably, that did not happen. There were waiters in the hall, but they did not pay any attention to me. I think it was the first sign from the destiny – it was telling me something like “Zhenia, leave this place”. But I`m not very good at reading the destiny`s signs, so I asked for a menu at the bar. Yet still no one was hurrying up to accept my order – the destiny was desperately trying to push me out of that cafe until it would be too late. But I do not give up easily! So I found a waiter, made an order and started waiting for my guacamole (for me it`s a litmus test for a restaurant where avocado is the king) and cold soup with avocado.

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Finally, the waiter came and brought okroshka-like soup and Caprese-looking salad with crookedly sliced pieces of avocado instead of Mozzarella. First, I thought that the orders were mixed up. But the waiter explained that guacamole in Avocado cafe is a type of salad. At that moment, I had a question: how something literally translated as “sauce made of avocado/avocado sauce” can be a salad – moreover, a salad made of unripe avocado? As for soup, it turned out to be a liquid yoghurt with mint, pieces of cucumber, radish and rarely avocado.
man in cafe sitting on couch


Salad – UAH 119
Soup – UAH 99
By the way, when I wanted someone to get my dishes and bring the bill, I had to bother the waiter and to ask specially for it.


In Avocado cafe, you have the feeling that no one needs you here. That happened to me for the first time.
Photo source: website of business mentioned above and provided by Evgeniy Klopotenko.

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