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Lviv as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine surely has some secrets up its sleeve. Apart from sophisticated architecture, rich cultural heritage, and abundance of coffee shops, Lviv is unsurprisingly the center of clubbing in Western Ukraine. Now that many foreign bands visit the city as well, clubs and arenas flourish. Destinations gathered the best venues to chill out and have a good time at.

Malevich Concert Arena & Night Club

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Easily the most popular and highly rated club in Lviv, Malevich has a broad experience of hosting various concerts. To name the latest hit, Lviv witnessed an IAMX concert in spring 2018 right here. Apart from music, Malevich also is a stage for fashion and sporting events. The club has 5 VIP halls, with enough sitting places on comfortable couches to place a thousand people. Two large concert halls and modern audio equipment ensure an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Malevich is located in a walking distance from the Lviv Opera House, which makes it easily accessible. 
Address: 2, Viacheslava Chornovola Avenue

Picasso Club

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The club’s history started way back in the 90s, when Lviv enthusiasts started the club based on Lviv Arts Academy. The party quickly started growing, and soon more and more people joined the clique to have a good time. In 1997 Picasso club found its permanent and well-known location: a 1931 house built by Dominik Wuchowicz, surrounded by winding streets and quiet corners. The first in Ukraine monument of Pablo Picasso was erected in the club’s yard and can be seen there to this day. One of the most popular nightlife spots in Lviv, this club is also known for delicious Ukrainian cuisine they serve from noon to 5 P.M. Concert program at Picasso grasps different styles, from the most frequent R&B and disco, to folk rock and jazz. 
Address: 88, Zelena Street

HiresH Karaoke Club

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One of the best clubs in Lviv and the biggest karaoke in the city is certainly worth mentioning. HiresH Karaoke Club was founded in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among locals who sought for a comfortable place with light atmosphere and pleasant staff. More than 95 thousand songs and cutting-edge equipment can make the evening at the club suitable for a company with mixed music preferences. A separate VIP-room as well as banket hall are available for festive celebrations. Menu at HiresH includes dishes from Japanese and European cuisines. Moreover, HiresH also functions as a nightclub to give an opportunity for the best DJs and MCs of Lviv to light up the stage. 
Address: 2, Yevhena Petrushevycha Square

De Luxe

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This venue is a ‘triple threat’: De Luxe works as a restaurant, nightclub, and a karaoke bar. One of the most attractive features of the club that makes it a popular nightlife spot among Lviv locals is its working hours: 24/7, without days off and lunch breaks. This, however, doesn’t reflect on quality. The restaurant offers dishes from various cuisines: from classics of Ukrainian to American, Japanese and Mediterranean. Wine map has an assortment of wines from 6 world regions, and hookah menu is a popular pick among the visitors. Local pop, rap and R&B artists, as well as DJs, regularly give concerts at the place. 
Address: 2, Volodymyra Velykoho Street

Zanzibar Club

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This place isn’t as huge as some night clubs in Lviv, but certainly offers special and cozy atmosphere. Here visitors can enjoy disco parties with latest hits of House, Electro and Minimal blasting from acoustic systems. Those who want to enjoy a chill out night have an opportunity as well: hookah menu, as well as the biggest cocktail map in Lviv, are present at Zanzibar club. The menu offers picks from international and Ukrainian cuisine, suitable as appetizers to alcohol or full-course dinner. As for the alcohol, Zanzibar has a broad range of spirits, more than 10 types of horilka, as well as party mixes for the brave: horilka with Burn or Becherovka. 
Address: 36, Lypynskoho Street

Split Club

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One of the highly rated nightlife spots, Split Club is located in the downtown Lviv, which makes it quick to access by feet or taxi. The club’s interior is done in a loft style according to the latest design trends. Split also works as a restaurant, which boasts of its exquisite Pan-Asian cuisine. Guests may choose lobsters, crabs and oysters from a huge aquarium they want to be prepared for their dish. Suitable equipment like WOK cookers ensures the authentic taste. Moreover, Split’s wine cellar has more than 200 types of wine for visitors to enjoy. The karaoke bar with more than 50 thousand songs and high quality equipment ensure the night full of fun. 
Address: 6/7, Mitskevycha Square 

Rafinad People Club

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This Lviv club is perfect for those who value sophisticated atmosphere and interior: the main hall, as well as two VIP halls, are furnished in the style of the 17th century France. Spacious lounge hall allows chilling out with hookah, quite popular with many visitors, and enjoying the night. The best DJs of the city bring out the freshest tracks to entertain the crowd. Besides, there are separate cigar room and non-smoking rooms to let both groups have a good time without clashing. 
Address: 1, Rudanskoho Street

Metro Bar & Club

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Metro is a stylish modern night club in Lviv located in the central part of the city. Apart from 1000 sq. m of inner space, the club`s territory includes a cozy inner yard with a bar. In Metro club, you can always feel safe – the place is protected by professional securities. The international team of Metro club is used to work with foreign clients. Staff speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, polish and Turkish languages. The club has three bar counters, so the visitors do not have to stay in long lines for their drinks. Two dance floors with energizing music for any taste work until 5 AM daily, so you can have fun here even in the latest hours. There is also a restaurant for those who want to have a tasty dinner. Metro club in Lviv is highly appreciated by its clients for international standards of work and individual approach to each guest.
Address: 3, Petrushevycha square

Late-Night Bars in Lviv

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What to do in Lviv in late hours? If you look for a place to hang out at night in Lviv, but do not want to go to a club with noisy crowd and loud music, you can choose a good bar that works after midnight. Fortunately, the Western heart of Ukraine can boast plenty of late night bars for any taste. For example, you can pay a visit to such places as White Lion pub, the famous Masoch café, legendary Kryivka bar, 4friends Whiskey Pub, Luft pub and many other worthy bars and pubs in the city`s downtown. These bars will delight you with great atmosphere, friendly staff, high level of service and, of course, delicious craft beers, cocktails and strong drinks. Spending few pleasant hours in a stylish Lviv bar is a good idea for your weekend night. Welcome and have a good time!
If you are thinking on things to do in Lviv and have already visited all the city`s historical attractions, do not skip the option of visiting its modern night clubs and bars.
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above,, unsplash com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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