Detox Spring Program: Useful Tips


Spring renewal in nature inspires us to renew our bodies too. The correct detoxification program will allow you to cleanse your body of toxins accumulated over the winter, bring your weight back to normal, resist seasonal avitaminosis, and generally feel a surge of strength and vitality.

Any full body cleanse program is based on proper nutrition. With junk food, most toxins enter our bodies. Healthy, well-chosen food, by contrast, can rid the body of pollution. Proper nutrition is not so difficult. It is based on three principles: clean water, cellulose, and the exclusion of harmful products from the diet. Ready for an easy cleansing diet? Here goes!


Clean water

It is important to remember that one of the most important substances entering our bodies is water. Natural body cleanse is impossible without enough water. For proper metabolic processes, a person should consume about 3 liters of fluid per day. Pure unboiled water should be a significant part of this amount. The rest of liquid will be taken from fruit, tea, yogurt, first courses. By the way, tea - green or herbal - is also an excellent detox. On the other hand, sweet carbonated drinks, industrial juices and alcohol should be excluded from the menu.



The best body cleanse is possible due to sorbents - substances that bind toxins and remove them from the body. Cellulose is a natural sorbent found in many products. Include in the diet plenty of fresh fruits, berries and vegetables – except fiber, they also contain a lot of vitamins which are especially lacking in the spring. As for berries, now you can eat either frozen ones or cranberries - it is available all year round. Boiled vegetables are also very useful, but they have less vitamins then fresh. Cellulose is also found in porridge, beans and nuts. Contrary to common misconception, pasta is also useful - but only if it is made from durum wheat.


Junk food

For spring body cleanse, exclude from the diet fried foods, flour products (unless they are made from coarse-ground grits), sweets, canned goods. As for meat, discard fat, red and processed meat (salami, sausages). Eat white and boiled. Or for a while completely abandon it. Alternative protein sources are legumes, cottage cheese, eggs. By the way, these products are required in most diets.

Proper nutrition will give a more tangible result if, in addition to it, you will also lead an active lifestyle, have enough exercise in combination with a sufficient amount of rest.

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