Life Quality Medicine

Life Quality Medicine

Responsibility, complexity, top standards of medicine, service and comfort and, of course, humaneness and inspiration are the fundamental principles of Medical Club Grace’s activity that guarantee the remarkable effect to each customer.

The leading Ukrainian aesthetic surgery clinic is the medical club uniting the best expert doctors, innovation medical technologies and capabilities of the modern multi-discipline clinic under one roof, for one purpose and within one concept: to recover and maintain health, beauty and active longevity. Medical Club Grace always stands out due to its unchanging traditions of customised, respectful and caring attitude to its customers in the five-star service conditions. We are discussing the mission, capabilities and plans of the hospital for the future with its director Tetiana Shevchuk.

Tetiana Shevchuk is the Chief Medical Officer of Medical Club GRACE, the Head of the Gynaecology Department, Ph. D. (Medicine), and a master-level gynaecologist. The first aesthetic gynaecologist in Ukraine. She has been practising medicine for more than 25 years and has performed more than 3,000 gynaecological surgeries. Professional competence: endocrine gynaecology and anti-age, modern gynaecological surgery (endoscopy, pelvic floor surgery, urogynaecology), intimate plastic surgery and cosmetology, laser gynaecology (surgery and cosmetology).


Could you please tell us about the philosophy of Medical Club Grace?

Our clinic was founded in 2007 by the team of doctors inspired by the common idea of creating the unique aesthetic medicine service in Ukraine, based on the design of the leading German company specialised in medical construction and equipment. The cutting-edge medical processes, equipment and logistics were introduced in the sophisticated historical mansion built at the beginning of XX century, one of the best modernist architecture examples in Kyiv. For 12 years of its operation, our clinic has come to the front in the areas of plastic and aesthetic surgery not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

This result and our continuous strive for excellence and desire to provide our customers with the maximum complete and integral medical and aesthetic effect encourage us to expand the range of our services in the area of longevity medicine, general therapy and contemporary cosmetology. The concept of Medical Club GRACE is fully consistent with our values and philosophy that can be expressed with the following motto: “Body for health and beauty for inspiration”. The beauty is the harmony of health, bodily, mental and spiritual one.

What is the mission of the clinic?

Our intention is good health, good looks, self-fulfilment and self-confidence of each customer. This is our mission filling our daily routine with sense. Our purpose, vocation and capabilities are to create the conditions for maintaining health and beauty in which the customer’s physical body will be a spring board to implement the most courageous, daring and ambitious plans, projects and dreams rather than an obstacle. The doctors have studied a lot and improved their skills and have gained many years of medical experience for this purpose.

Can you name fundamental principles of Medical Club Grace’s operation?

Today’s operation of Medical Club GRACE is based on the principles of high professional skills and expertise of our team, innovation medical technologies and solutions, uncompromising care of our patients, their comfort and safety, efficient medical management for the entire family and exceptional five-star service. Medical Club Grace is a modern clinic that can boast of the European quality and level of medical service, deep aesthetics, excellent professional conduct and the Ukrainian spirit in the first place. Our exceptional feature and brand identity is the culture of humaneness in relations with our customers: openness, accessibility in the proper meaning, an opportunity to be additionally advised on any issue by any convenient communication means, including online, which is very important for active people whose schedule is planned minute by minute, as well as our foreign customers.

I would like to emphasise the consistency and integrity of our medical services, in particular, full support during the post-surgery period offered to our customers. For instance, the maximum effect of plastic surgery takes the adequate package of cosmetology procedures, both before and after the operation. Even the most brilliant plastic surgeon cannot influence the quality and structure of tissues while a cosmetologist can. So we always stick to the consistency principle: our customer never feels abandoned after the surgery. We make sure that the effect will be settled, increased and maintained as long as possible owing to not only cosmetology solutions, but also proper health care.

Another exceptional feature of the surgical practice in Medical Club Grace is simultaneousness. Surgeons operating in different areas, for instance, a plastic surgeon and a gynaecologist, can work together during one operation in order to prevent the customer’s additional physical and emotional distress related to another surgery.

Which global medical and aesthetic medical trends does your clinic support, and what unique services are you ready to offer your customers?

Our Club offers the main areas of the beauty, health and longevity medicine: plastic surgery, a full range of cosmetology services, general therapy, gastroenterology, regenerative and anti-age medicine, endocrine gynaecology and gynaecological surgery, intimate aesthetic medicine (plastic surgery and cosmetology). As the Chief Medical Officer, I have been responsible for developing the clinic as my own project since its establishment, so I am very proud of being able to offer our customers the unique medical services at the global level today.

First of all, it is aesthetic gynaecology, the young area of medicine, which appeared at the start of the new millennium at the interface of gynaecology, plastic surgery and cosmetology and deals with intimate aesthetics and women’s sexuality. Our clinic was the first one among the post-Soviet countries to offer a full range of aesthetic gynaecology, intimate plastic surgery and intimate cosmetology. We were the pioneers in this area and still are the leader and the trend setter even in Europe by training doctors not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. As an aesthetic gynaecologist, I have developed different intimate cosmetology and surgery methodologies and share my many years of experience with my colleagues and students. Aesthetic gynaecology is a very important area of medicine in Grace’s style as it enables us to have a positive impact not only on health or beauty, but also the quality of life of our female customers. The mental and emotional effect we strive for is awareness of womanliness, unlocking of sexuality and expansion of opportunities and, therefore, more confidence.

Another area I can emphasise is the cutting-edge diverse plastic and aesthetic surgery at the expert level, literally from the tip of your nose to your feet. Our plastic surgeons restore beauty, youth, proportions and harmony of our customers’ face and body with pinpoint precision and excellent skills. We were the first in Ukraine to offer Mummy Makeover, the plastic and aesthetic package for women aimed at eliminating the effects of pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding. These are always integral solutions selected and implemented by the gynaecologist and the plastic surgeon together, with account of our customer’s needs and preferences. Our task is to restore the beauty and sexuality of the woman’s body.

It must be emphasised that the doctors and staff of Medical Club GRACE always work as a coordinated team. Our indispensable colleagues, anaesthesiologists, have high-class cutting-edge equipment that ensures our customers’ safety and comfort because we perform the most complicated many-hour operations both for the aesthetic and therapeutic purpose.

The doctors understand that the real health and beauty come from the inside. That is why Medical Club Grace has introduced the anti-age therapy area. Of course, the anti-age therapist’s primary task is age management, but this area also includes detox programmes, in particular, intravenous ones, and preventive methodologies helping the person of any age to remain young, to improve overall health and to recover energy resources etc. There are more and more fans of longevity, another new medical trend aimed at maintaining the long, high-quality and full life, among doctors and patients. Regenerative and preventive medicine and anti-age are the life quality medicine turning into a standard for successful, demanding, educated and conscious people. All these areas are offered by our clinic.

From your point of view, what is the patient’s trust in the doctor based on?

Let me revel the secret: our services are best advertised by the thing called “bush telegraph” when we are recommended by our customers rather than our bill boards and websites. We are grateful and do appreciate our customers’ attitude and recommendations. Actually, that was how our club appeared. We do not treat it as merely a beautiful word in the name; our club actually is a family of very close people, the people who entrust us the most valuable thing. Trust is the corner stone of everything we do. It is the basis of everything.

What is the medical ethics of Medical Club Grace based on?

To our mind, the main medical ethics is responsibility. Responsibility not only for your professional skills, but also for your humaneness, in the first role, to yourself (as you cannot deceive yourself), to patients and colleagues.

Aesthetic gynaecology is a very delicate area of female health and beauty which takes not only professional excellence, but also the high level of empathy from a doctor. What are your personal practical secrets?

I always try to be in my customers’ shoes. All the issues are discussed on equal terms: we drink coffee, eat sweets, talk about girls’ stuff and even make jokes as if we were talking to a friend. Then I offer a solution to the problem. As a doctor with 25 years of experience and a mature woman, I understand physical and psychological pain in certain very personal and deep women’s problems which it is difficult to admit to yourself, let alone say aloud. That is why my personal working principle is that my patients never feel pain, shame or fear. My task is to make a woman not only healthy, but also confident. Then she will unlock her potential and feel joyful and happy. That is my mission.

How do you see Medical Club Grace in five or ten years?

If you want to achieve something, you must see and visualise it first. That is why I see the network of clinics created by the example of ours. Even now, demand often exceeds our capacity. Of course, we want to develop, improve and scale ourselves in Ukraine and probably in Europe. I definitely see us as the successful and self-fulfilled team, but no doctor can be self-fulfilled and successful unless his or her customers succeed. That is why I hope that our club will unite more and more healthy, beautiful, successful, self-fulfilled and happy people, the people who appreciate their life in full, in our city, country and the world in general.

What is your personal formula of women’s happiness

When you understand who you are, when you are aware of your identity, it is very easy to find your path and meet your people. I understand who I am and what the purpose of my life is, what my strengths and weaknesses are, I accept myself fully and develop the talents God has given to me. I feel the response from the surrounding world, I am in harmony with it, I give love and get it back. I am walking along my path. That is the very vision I want to transmit to my female customers, to all the women.


Medical Club Grace: Our Services

  • Full range of contemporary aesthetic and reconstruction face and body surgery for men and women
  • Full range of contemporary face and body cosmetology for men and women
  • Full range of contemporary gynaecology, including endocrine gynaecology and gynaecological surgery
  • Intimate plastic surgery, cosmetology and anti-age
  • Regenerative medicine and anti-age
  • Family medicine and gastroenterology


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