Medicine in Ukraine 2019: What's New

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The new 2019 year promises Ukrainians positive changes in various spheres of life. Of course, this also concerns medicine. The implementation of global medical reforms started in 2018, and now the process goes on. As the government says, this year we can expect introduction of many innovations that will make healthcare easier and cheaper.

Electronic Document Management

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The Ministry of Healthcare plans that family doctors in Ukraine will maintain all documentation in electronic form by the end of 2019. The list of such documentation includes medical cards, sick leave certificates, drug orders and appointments with other doctors. The innovation is purposed to eliminate corruption and to save time of both doctors and patients.
Sick leave certificates
According to statistics, around 5.5 million sick-leave certificates are issued each year in Ukraine. The government decided to update this system by creating an electronic register. To provide patient with sick-leave certificate, doctor will have to enter data into a special program. The program will also immediately inform patient`s employer about sick leave of its employee. After introduction of the electronic system, patients will not have to go through many doctor`s offices collecting papers and stamps anymore. It will also save time of doctors who will get rid of excessive paperwork.
Drug orders
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In April 2019, the government will start to implement electronic drug orders. First, this will concern only drugs prescribed in the frame of “Affordable drugs” government program. This program provides free or cheap drugs for patients with particular kinds of diseases such as diabetes or asthma. The doctors will enter information about drugs prescription to electronic program so that drugstore staff will be able to check if the order is legal. Currently patients who use the program have to go to polyclinic for a paper order. Moreover, they can receive order only in a polyclinic close to their place of residence. With electronic system, patients will be able to receive required medicine in any city of Ukraine.
Medical cards
Nowadays it is a regular problem that patient has different cards in different clinics, and none of them contains comprehensive information. The new system of electronic medical cards will solve this issue. The electronic medical card will include information collected from different doctors in different clinics so that any doctor will have access to this information almost 24/7 in case of need. However, the provided information can be limited by patient personally. In such way, doctor will receive only specific information needed for providing particular medical service. The database of cards will be accessible regardless of the Internet connection and current functioning of servers from which information has been sent. The new system will be implemented in several stages.

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Free Diagnostics

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The “Free Diagnostics” program that starts on July 1, 2019 will provide Ukrainians with possibility to get more than 50 medical services free of charge upon condition that they have assignment from family doctor, therapist or pediatrician. Patients will be able to get check-up for widespread diseases of internal organs and oncologic diseases. The list of services provided by “Free Diagnostics” includes radiography, mammography, echocardiography of the heart, ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopy, several types of biopsy, more than a dozen types of tests and other studies as well as the help of specialized doctors. These services, paid by the National Health Service of Ukraine, will be available in any state or private clinic that takes part in the program. Apart from diagnostics, the list of services also includes some simple surgeries. The free service includes all required equipment such as syringes, gloves, shoe covers and so on. “Free Diagnostics” program will be implemented in different regions of the country step by step. The Ministry of Healthcare hopes that governmental financing will cover around 80% of health examination needs of Ukrainians.

Emergency Medical Care Reform

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The Ministry of Health also plans to introduce emergency medical care reform. The introduction will start in five regions (Odesa, Ternopil, Poltava, Donetsk, Vinnytsia) and Kyiv city. The emergency brigades will undergo requalification in order to reach international standards. They will also get new ambulance cars and equipment. Emergency doctors can also expect increase of their salaries. In future, the emergency medical care reform will be introduced in the whole country.

Cardio Centers Network Development

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman informs that in 2019 government will continue to develop network of cardio centers equipped with modern angiographs. This apparatus can save thousands of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
We wish you good health!
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