Where to Get 24/7 Free Emergency Dental Care in Kyiv

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Dental care tends to be pricey even in Ukraine. Luckily, the city has several clinics that work 24/7 and can assist in urgent cases for free.

The new 24/7 free emergency dental office has been opened in January 2019, states the first deputy head of the KSCA Mykola Povoroznyk via Kyiv City Administration website. Before 2019, the only similar institution has been operating on the left bank of Kyiv. Apart from being inconvenient for many city dwellers, the dental clinic has been overloaded with the patient flow.

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The new office emergency dental care for adults is located in the city center on 26, Shota Rustaveli street not far from the Palats Sportu metro station. The office is equipped with a surgery room, a sterilization room, an X-ray office, as well as a room for free dental orthopedic assistance for ATO veterans.

As for the kid's emergency dental care, the new office had been opened on the basis of Children's Clinical Hospital №7 of the Pechersk district on 4B, Professor Podvysotsky street. Children's Clinical Hospital №7 is the only medical institution in the city that hosts a children's department of maxillofacial surgery.

The old 24/7 free emergency dental office for adults is located at 19, Teodora Draizera Street in Troieshchyna district.

Photo source: kyivcity.gov.ua. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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