Ukrainian Cheese Makers: From Craft to Dairy

Blue cheese and figs

Ukrainian craft beer has experienced a real spike of popularity in the last couple of years. Some say that cheeses are next on line. We picked some Ukrainian cheeses worth tasting.

Dooobra Ferma

Dooobra ferma cheeseDooobra Ferma is located in Ivky village of Kyiv region. The small farm has their own diary, which specializes on goat cheese. The owners learned cheese making in France. Products by Dooobra Ferma are made from natural milk only.

Among the Ukrainian cheeses worth trying, Dooobra Ferma offers cow Ricotta, goat Feta cheese, salty Sulguni cheese, as well a special goat Ukrainian cheese that is best paired with wine. The products are available in Good Wine, Winetime and Le Silpo supermarkets as well as the official Dooobra Ferma website.

Fromages d'Elise

Fromages d'Elise cheeseFromages d'Elise is a family brand located in Lviv region. Ukrainian Maria Wilem and Belgian Bernard Wilem founded a goat farm in the small Dmyrtrovychi village. The main principle of the farm is that the animals are treated with respect. All cheeses by Fromages d'Elise are produced according to French cheesemaking technologies.

The brand offers, among others, classic goat cheeses like Bûche, Feta, Ricotta, Crottin (with herbs and garlic or plain) as well as gentle dessert cheese. You can order the production by Fromages d'Elise and find information about the best food and wine pairings on the official Facebook page of the company.

Selysʹka Dairy

Selysʹka Dairy cheeseThis dairy is rightfully considered one of the most popular cheese producers in the West of Ukraine. The history of Selysʹka Dairy dates back to 2002 when a group of volunteers from the Longo Maï cooperative and dwellers of a small Transcarpathian village called Nyzhnje Selyshche founded a joint dairy. The quality is thoroughly controlled: each supplier is checked and all cows feed exclusively on natural nutrients.

Selysʹka dairy produces three types of cheese: semi-hard & spicy Selysky, soft and sweet & spicy Hust, and a semi-hard bitter & spicy Narcissus of the Carpathians. All three types can be bought in Eco Lavka shops, as well as the dairy’s official Facebook page.

Seven Young Goats

Seven Young Goats cheeseSeven Young Goats cheese is produced in Kyiv region and is one of the best-represented Ukrainian cheese brands in large supermarket chains. It’s not surprising given that the brand is the first certified manufacturer of goat milk in Ukraine.

Among the products, cheese lovers will find international ‘classics’ like Georgian Suluguni, English Cheddar with paprika, Lebanese soft cheese Labneh, Halloumi originating from Cyprus and many more. The wide variety of Seven Young Goats products is available in GoodWine, MegaMarket, Silpo and Billa supermarkets.

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Orlovsky Craft Cheese

Orlovsky Craft CheeseA unique craft dairy founded by the Orlovsky family is based on the Golden Goat Farm in Pokrovka village. Their products might interest those who are fond of goat cheese: only 100% goat milk is used for cheese making to satisfy the needs of those allergic to cow milk.

Nowadays the brand produces more than 30 types of milk products and cheese. To give an idea, Orlovsky Craft Cheese offers classic soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert, traditional Ukrainian Brynza and dessert cheese Fleur de Crémieux with cranberry. You can order cheese on the dairy's Instagram page.

Eat Local

Eat Local cheeseEat Local is the first craft cheese and milk production based in Odesa. The brand offers various kinds of cheese, milk, yogurts and desserts like cheesecakes. All items are preservative-free and produced according to sanitary standards. Milk for the products is supplied by a single farm in Odesa region.

Eat Local offers a classic 10% fat cream cheese as well as the same cheese with various flavors: basil and chili, Italian herbs, vegetables, figs, pesto and others. The popular Ukrainian homemade cottage cheese is available as well: 11% fat option or fat-free. The products can be bought at the Eat Local website as well as in Le Silpo stores.

Koza Chka

Koza Chka cheeseWhat is now one of the best Ukrainian cheese makers located in Vinnytsia region was once a homemade cheese production founded by Tatiana Diachenko. The dairy uses special homemade recipes for their cheeses. All products by Koza Chka are free of vegetable fats, preservatives, and other harmful supplements.

The production covers cow cheeses like Ukrainian Brynza and Georgian Suluguni, as well as soft goat cheeses with cinnamon and almond. Besides, Koza Chka offers spicy cheeseballs with coriander and fenugreek. You can order the products at the official Koza Chka Facebook page.

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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