Wine & Food Pairing Tips

three glasses of wine, bread, cheese, nuts and grapes

Setting the table is a true art that requires knowing many nuances, and proper pairing of wine and food is at the top of the list. What fits to sparkling wine? Which wine to choose for vegetarian dishes? You may find answers to these and many other questions below.

Sparkling wine

glasses of champagne and food served in seasoast restaurantAny sparkling wine is an aperitif – a drink that provokes appetite. Therefore, it is never served with heavy food. Cheese is considered as one of the best snacks for sparkling drinks. However, you should remember one rule: the sweeter champagne is, the more flavorful taste of cheese is required. Dry sorts of sparkling wine are served with the simplest cheeses such as Brie or Camembert. Non-greasy fried fish, seafood and sushi is also a good match for sparkling wine.

Note that seafood for champagne must be cooked without vinegar or lemon juice – these products spoil champagne`s taste. Brut champagne suits well to bread with caviar, pineapple, light salads and vegetables. You can also serve sparkling wine with boiled chicken, non-greasy soups and pizza. As for desserts, sweet champagne could be perfectly combined with fruits, ice cream, different puddings and cakes.

Dry White Wine

glass of white wine, plate with tomatoes and fishIf you prefer dry white wines, for example, ones made of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay grape breeds, you should know that it is the best to combine them with simple dishes serving as soft background for the drink. Fish and vegetables are the traditional pair for any dry white wine. This combination allows delivering flavor both of the dish and the drink.

It is recommended to choose fish in correspondence with taste specifics of the wine. For example, sour wines match with greasy kinds of fish. As for other food that can be called a good pair for dry white wine, this list includes seafood (mussels, shrimps, etc.), dishes of Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines, Brie, Camembert and Gouda cheeses, chicken, non-greasy salads and many modern vegetarian dishes.

Sweet White Wine

female hand holding glass of white wine over plate with cakeThose who love sweet white wines, such as wines made of Riesling grape, know that these wines go well with bakery: buns with cinnamon, croissants and so on. The other perfect matches include fruits (even the most exotic ones), seafood, fish, fowl, cold smoked meats, Gorgonzola cheese. In general, the rule is the same as for dry white wines: the taste of food should not cut off wine flavor. Sweet white wine is a great pair for desserts. Cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, crème brulee – all these delicacies will be the right choice for sweet drink. However, do not forget that chocolate does not fit to sweet white wine: it ruins the drink`s delicate taste.

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Rosé Wine

bottle and two glasses with rose wine and strawberriesRosé wine is a separate intermediate breed between white and red wines, produced using unique technologies. This is a light drink, appreciated by wine fans for its summer flower flavor. This kind of wine goes well with simple and light food. You can serve it with Parmesan cheese, different fruits, berries, popular desserts (for example, panna cotta), fish, paste. Rosé wine is also a good match for different types of unusual and sophisticated desserts such as bruschetta with marinated grapes or grilled peaches with French toasts.

Red Dry Wine

pouring red wine in glasses and served meat dishBarbaresco, Chianti, Merlo… These words sound so attractive for those who appreciate dry red wines. So what goes well with such kind of drink? First, we should mention spicy cheese – for example, Cheddar. Sommeliers say that spicy taste helps to feel all the hidden notes of wine aroma. Pasta is the other product to serve with red dry wine without any doubt. By the way, specialists recommend to pair wines and food depending on the place of their origin – for example, Italian pasta and cheeses will match Italian dry red wine in a proper way.

Of course, dry red wine is the best you can imagine for red meat – beef, pork, lamb and so on. However, the classic rule claiming that fowl can only be served with white wine is out-of-date. As an example, grilled chicken or turkey as well as roasted fish with vegetables and cheese will make a perfect match to a bottle of Cabernet. If you are in a search for a dessert that fits dry red wine, pick dark chocolate – you definitely won`t regret this.

Red Sweet Wine

glass of red wine and cakeSweet red wines, for example, French Banyuls, fit to food that also has sweet taste. Of course, we are talking about desserts. Together with sweet red wine, it is appropriate to serve different sweet fruits, berries, sweet bakery, ice cream, chocolate. Elegant desserts, such as tiramisu or panna cotta, will also be a great choice.
Right pairing of wine and food will bring you into paradise of gastronomic pleasures. Bon appétit!!

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