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Sometimes life gets so busy we wish there would be at least 30 hours in a day. Luckily, modern technologies and services make it easier to handle the household chores. Here are five companies in Kyiv that will deliver fresh organic food, vegan dishes, household items, pharmacy items and much more.


Man delivering goodsGlovo is a Spanish startup that was founded in Barcelona way back in 2015. Now the business is available in 20 countries with Ukraine being the 20th. Glovo began operating this October. The principle of work is rather simple - couriers can deliver everything from products and meals to pharmacy items and presents to a given location.

To place an order, you need to create an account on the website or download an app available for iOS and Android. The order is trackable right away, so you can watch the delivery approach live. The delivery price starts at UAH 30. Currently, Glovo operates in the central districts of Kyiv (the map is available in the app).


Online product marketAuchan, one of the biggest hypermarkets in Ukraine, celebrates its 10th anniversary in Ukraine this year. The French store has a wide range of products from dairy to buns, including exclusive Auchan-branded items. In addition to foods, you can also buy household goods, furniture, home appliances, clothes, goods for outdoor recreation, gifts, books, and toys.

Everything available in the store can be purchased online. To place an order, you need to create an account on the English version of the website. Payment for delivery is available via payment card or in cash upon delivery.


Man checking out an app of online marketAnother large supermarket chain, Novus is one of the popular stores to shop in Kyiv for everything from foods to household products. The supermarket offers a wide choice of food products, such as fresh pastry, bread, pies, fish, meat, cheese, etc. In addition to foods, you can also buy furniture, home appliances, clothes, goods for outdoor recreation, gifts, books, and toys.

Just like Auchan, product delivery is available with Novus via service. English version of the website is available. All online orders can be placed 24/7. The cost of delivery differs depending on the payment method and starts from UAH 69. All the information, including the map with the fees, is available on the site.

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Woman receiving a packageYaro delivery service is popular with vegetarians who reside in Kyiv: one can order ready-made dishes based on plant products without any preservatives, artificial flavors, lactose and sugar. Yaro produces puddings, desserts, smoothies, sweet puree, nut butter and organic milk. The sweetness is reached thanks to the abundance of fruits, berries and honey. The largest flavor range is available in puddings: chia seeds accompanied by carob, mango, banana and strawberry.

The desserts are labeled according to their properties from gluten-free to rich on protein. Vegans and raw eaters will rejoice in the assortment of desserts: salted caramel cakes with nuts, vegan Twix and chocolate are just one of the few healthy options available. The website has an English interface. The cost of delivery is UAH 70 for orders under UAH 1000. You can pay in cash or via terminal upon delivery or with a payment card on the website.

Pizza in boxesOne more large network that caters dishes from the most high-rated Kyiv restaurants, is currently only available in Ukrainian and Russian. Still, it stays one of the most popular and widely-used food delivery services in Kyiv and beyond its borders. The pictures on the main page of the website can help with intuitive use: there are lists of pizza, sushi, burger, bbq and noodles restaurants available on the site.

One of the features that make so popular is a discount system. Some restaurants have happy hours and offer 20% discounts on selected items on the menu or 1+1 deal. The most popular restaurant to order from on this website is Pesto Cafe, which has more than two thousand reviews and high rating. Another leader on the rating is a Georgian restaurant called Mama Manana.

Fermer Green

Basket full of veggiesFermer Green is another option for those who would like to shop healthy. The online farmers market offers organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs, fresh meat and fish, as well as dairy products. Farmer Green works with local independent farms and craft food companies. Besides, the team keeps an eye on emerging independent farmers and supports them on their way.

Apart from the organic ingredients for the meals, Farmer Green also offers baked goods like bread, ciabattas, baguettes, scones and croissants, as well as a selection of sweets for vegans. The website currently doesn't have an English interface. The cost of delivery is UAH 100 for orders under UAH 500. You can pay online or in cash upon delivery.

man holding sushiDelivero is one of the popular food delivery services in Kyiv. The unified service embraces numerous restaurants and divides the food into several categories to create a user-friendly interface. Thus, you may pick among pizza, sushi, sandwiches, desserts, shashlyk (Ukrainian bbq), Chinese, Italian and Ukrainian cuisine. Among the restaurants that cooperate with this delivery are Pizza House, Wasabi House, Shtolle and Pandabox and others.

Delivero has a bonus system for their clients and accepts online payment as well as payment in cash upon delivery. 

The following list is the editor’s choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
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