Time Travel Project with Cecile Poignant in Kyiv

Cecile Poignant

The Time Travel project is dedicated to traveling, the rapid transition from offline to online and blurring of all sorts of borders. On December 4, trend forecaster from France, Cecile Poignant, and Saba Rakhshandehroo, head of design and research at Samsonite, met in the Domosfera mall to tell the Ukrainian audience about the future trends of traveling and lifestyle.

Saba Rakhshandehroo, Head of design and research at Samsonite
Saba Rakhshandehroo, Head of design and research at Samsonite
Cecile Poignant, trend forecaster from France
Cecile Poignant, trend forecaster from France
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Saba Rakhshandehroo leads the design and innovation department at Samsonite. Her professional experience is a fascinating business case about how new technologies help the brand to be leading in its field. A whole department of designers, materials scientists, engineers and programmers work to create "smart" suitcases from recycled materials, equipped with GPS, trackers, built-in weights, chips and chargers. Models of the new generation will send a notice of their current location or an alarm signal to their owners' smartphones, notifying that the bag has been opened or the owner has moved too far from it.

Cecile Poignant has worked in the Lee Edelcourt team for many years and is engaged in consulting. Her audience is everyone who works with people: creative entrepreneurs, marketers, communicators, event managers, stylists, designers, perfumers, restaurateurs. Among her clients are large international companies from various fields like l'Oréal Paris, Chanel, Richemont, Nissan, Philips, Procter and Gamble, Pernod Ricard. At the event with the Ukrainian audience, Cecile spoke about trends in travel and hospitality. These are the main ideas of Future Travel:

Quiet Attitude

The Public in NYCThe Public Hotel in NYC

In an era of incredible progress, the Internet and gadgets, people need more and more sincerity and informational silence. Fatigue and burnout from daily active rhythm and routine is the problem of our century. The time has come for rituals that do not devour time but, on the contrary, give freedom and relaxation. Traveling to remote corners, searching for quiet, deserted placed with no telephone connection and the Internet is a real luxury and experience of the new time. People need rest and recovery.

Art of Craft

Craft glassWondergralss by Bouroullec

Fed up with globalization, consumerism and mass production, people longed for the warmth of natural materials and the uniqueness of craft objects. More and more people want to get away from the computer for a while and return to something archetypical. The psychological need for distraction leads to manual labor, which shifts attention perfectly.

The movements of the tools are fascinating and touching raw materials is relaxing and inspiring. Crafts are an important point of interest. Interaction with crafts develops and unites - this is a creative impromptu and experiment, an exchange of experience.

Local traditions of all regions on Earth need to be maintained and developed. It makes no sense to bring materials from the other end of the world when everything you need is right where you live. You just need to look around and experiment.

Intense life

Shiki-shima deluxe train in JapanShiki-shima deluxe train in Japan

Scientific progress has skyrocketed. We print on 3D printers at home, study Mars, develop human's genes and prepare for space flights. Fantasy is our reality. Life today is intense, dynamic and noisy. It has too much information, advertising and pictures. In such a powerful stream, you need to learn to recognize the truly important signals.

Do not be afraid of sudden changes - they lead to awareness and reveal our consciousness. By changing the familiar environment and patterns of behavior, we allow new sensations and look at the world and our life in a different way. Traveling develops us and makes us more open. These are the emotions here and now.

New Luxury

La ferme du vent / France by Bachmann & AssociésLa ferme du vent / France by Bachmann & Associés

Today being is more important than owning. The new luxury is not glitter and glamor, but emotions, time and beloved people. Expensive hotels and boutiques, of course, are not going anywhere, but local products, nature, clear water and silence - this is what people really dream about.

The monotony of the globalism era has shaped a deep need for cultural and local immersion among travelers. Many people dream not just to stay in an expensive hotel, but travel somewhere you otherwise won't simply go to. Slow-tourism is becoming more and more popular. Travelers are looking for cozy places to take a pause. Time and quality leisure is also a new luxury of our days.

Modern life gives an infinite number of options, but the choice is ours. People destroy the planet, so nature and wild animals in their natural environment are something that is difficult to find and see. Sustainability and sustainable development are the real challenges of our time.

You can find more about Cecile and her work at cecilepoignant.com.

Photos in the gallery by Lilia Viter.

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