Clubhouse Il Decameron: Italian Heritage in the Heart of Odesa

Il Decameron Clubhouse in Odesa

When it comes to the Black Sea in Ukraine, there’s hardly a better place for relaxation than Odesa, welcoming for long walks, exploring its numerous courtyards, monuments and architectural wonders. There are numerous modern and historical hotels in Odesa to spend a night, but we advise you to visit a special place. Staying at Il Decameron clubhouse is an opportunity to look at Odesa from an unusual perspective and learn more about city’s past and present.

The clubhouse is located in the picturesque downtown of Odesa, surrounded by the city’s numerous historical landmarks like the 19th-century Brodsky Synagogue, the Odesa Philharmonic House, the José de Ribas monument, and the Odesa Art Museum. Everything from the city to the clubhouse’s location was heartfelt and chosen by the Italian team.

Location & Membership

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According to Stefano Antoniolli, chef at Il Decameron’s Elissa restaurant, Odesa carries the Italian vibe like no other city in Ukraine. The reasons behind it stretch from quite obvious like the presence of the Black Sea to the more deep-rooted ones. For instance, history points out that Italians and French were the ones who stood at the city’s roots during its early days. Moreover, if you take a look at the map of Odesa, you will notice that the city’s parallel structure is typical of Rome. Even the street Il Decameron is located at was once called the “Garibaldi Street”.

The clubhouse is connected to Copernico — a networking system present not only in Odesa but also in Milan, Rome, Luxembourg and other European cities. Apart from the inner relations within the club, Copernico cooperates with other networking platforms around the world. Thus, Il Decameron partners with London, Singapore, and Miami, creating a worldwide business network. Membership at Copernico is not only a way to access the clubhouse privileges, but also to find the like-minded for a future partnership and creating new ideas. Members of the inner network at Il Decameron strengthen business connections within the country and far beyond its borders, while enjoying the hospitality and the fresh sea breeze.


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When it comes to the hotel, the luxurious suites at the Il Decameron were designed to combine prestige, style, and innovation. The refined atmosphere inside each of them is the result of focusing on the physical and mental wellbeing of all guests and the high-quality Italian design. As Il Decameron grasps the concept of Italian lifestyle, it’s not surprising that in everything from the lights to the furniture was carefully chosen by the renowned architect Nunzio Da Vià.

There are 6 types of rooms available at the hotel: the Comfort suite, three types of Junior suites (with a kitchen, a terrace, or both), the Prestige suite, and finally the Premium suite. Each of them has a unique design and offers a view on the hotel’s Italian-style patio. Crème de la crème of the hotel is a penthouse — like an architectural crown, located on the top floor of main building, it offers a scenic 365-degree panorama views of beautiful Odessa. The exquisite lodging offers open plan common space with kitchen zone and dining area, which could host up to 20 persons. The big terrace invites guests to drink cocktails or simply have a rest while enjoying fresh air with a hint of sea breeze.Marble bathroom in a hotelA stylish bedroom with a cozy King Size bed, marbled bathroom and spacious wardrobe rooms are separated from the common area, which keeps the “privacy private”, as they say at Il Decameron. Founders of Il Decameron plan to develop a special collection of individually styled penthouses, which could offer great possibilities for individual VIP lodging as well as for conducting special private events.

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The finishing touch of Il Decameron’s Italian charm is niche perfumes Ortigia, represented in each of the hotel’s rooms. The perfume brand was named after the picturesque area in the Sicilian Syracuse, renowned for breathtaking views of the sea and the cliffs. Manufacturing of each bottle is carefully approached: all ingredients from almonds to the famous Sicilian citrus are exclusively of Italian origin. Perfumes by Ortigia are considered one of the best Italian-made brands in the world and are represented only in several high-class business hotels, making it undoubtedly unique.

Dining & Beverages

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Like everything else, dining at Il Decameron is aimed at the guests’ high comfort and satisfying every need. The 24/7 Insomnia lobby bar, for instance, was created to follow the latest Ukrainian trend of the rich cocktail culture. Here, a team of professional bartenders mixes the drinks to astonish the clubhouse guests. Elissa restaurant located in Il Decameron is the icing on the cake to any occasion from a business meeting to winding down after a long working day.

From the entrées to the desserts, each plate is conceived to brighten the guest’s stay. The menu at Elissa comprises the classics of Italian regions to represent the full taste palette of the country. Soon, the menu will be polished to accommodate to the international visitors’ tastes, as Il Decameron is regularly visited by business people from Italy, France, Germany and China that are interested the Odesa’s trading capabilities as a seaport. That’s why Stephano plans to introduce fusion cuisine by mixing Italian culinary techniques with Pan-Asian accents. Like many Ukrainian restaurants, Elissa will traditionally keep the menu seasonal and introduce dishes made from the products that taste the best at the given time of the year.

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The restaurant boasts a separate wine room, where bottles are carefully stored under the glass with temperature control, and a degustation hall for those who’d love to explore Italian taste map. Take a bottle of refined wine and traditional entrées like cheese and the famous Italian meats from Salami to Prosciutto di Parma — the restaurant has a special fridge that allows curing meat according to the country’s traditions. The central hall of Elissa restaurant is a multifunctional space: during the daytime it is suitable for casual easy dining, and when the sun sets, the hall turns into a fine dining location with the respective serving.

Stefano Antoniolli pays special attention to the open confectionery hall. Masters at Il Decameron’s restaurant use all techniques from liquid nitrogen to decor so that the dessert resembles a real work of art. Connoisseurs may also be interested in Stefano’s personal collection of culinary books: numerous volumes in Italian, Spanish, French, and English shed light on the secrets of the chef’s trade.

Business & Art 

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Il Decameron in Odesa has the top-notch services for the best communication between business partners and clients. Thus, the conference hall is equipped with all the technologies necessary for effective work. The meeting rooms at Il Decameron were designed for a similar objective: they enforce a strategic set of mind and an appeal to up one’s professional network.

Besides, Il Decameron plans to introduce a transformer hall, which can serve as a banquet location for about 30 personas or a conference hall for the business needs. The library has a cozy networking area for business people, who may opt for working on their own or with the team. The practical and functional space is separated from the rest of the clubhouse and has the latest volumes of business literature in English. Besides, the library boasts a unique collection of books about design and art.

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The latter is, in fact, one of the clubhouse’s pillars. The interior at Il Decameron is carefully peppered with works of art, like the three paintings by Marco Grassi, made with the gold leaf paint technique. All artworks present in the clubhouse will be constantly updated to keep the guests intrigued. The Italian-style patio became a separate art space of Il Decameron. In August and September, for instance, it hosted the exhibition of the famous Odesa sculptor Mikhail Reva. The spirit of international cooperation lives in the art as well — Il Decameron’s executives plan to strengthen the cooperation between the Italian and Ukrainian artists by organizing exhibitions and inviting them to each other’s countries.

The careful fusion of art and business, hospitality and gastronomy at Il Decameron makes it a perfect place to mix business and pleasure — or keep them separate. Following the several months since the launching, Il Decameron already has plans to upgrade the clubhouse for the maximum comfort and pleasure of the guests. The new SPA is one of the most awaited additions. The guests are promised cutting-edge Italian SPA equipment wrapped in an innovative futuristic interior design. Modern Art cluster foundation is another high priority plan to be implemented soon.

Stephano only hints at what visitors can expect the next: according to the Italian, it’s better to see once than hear a thousand times. The same can be said about Il Decameron, which transforms the concept of business trips accommodation and takes it to the new level. Staying at the clubhouse is a way to combine relaxation by the seaside and enriching the strong business network with exclusive privileges for the best experience.

Photos provided by Il Decameron PR.

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