Electronic Ticket System for Kyiv Public Transport

Electronic Ticket System for Kyiv Public Transport

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has an extensive and rapidly developing transportation infrastructure serving local public needs and facilitating external passenger traffic. To make the use of the public transport system more user-friendly and convenient, Kyiv launches electronic ticketing system within entire communal transport infrastructure.

In the beginning of December 2017, the first validators for e-tickets were installed in Kyiv public transport. The installation of all equipment will be completed in April 2018, and official launching of e-ticket system is also scheduled for that period.
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The electronic ticket will enable passengers to pay for their transportation directly in the bus, trolleybus or tram after their boarding using a plastic public transport card and contactless ticketing device located inside the vehicle. There will be no need to purchase paper tickets from the driver, constantly looking for a small change or asking other passengers to pass money for the ticket to the driver from the vehicle's rear end. Passengers will be able to put any amount of money on the electronic ticket card balance, and the price for the rides on public transport will be automatically deducted from the balance after "beeping" the card at the contactless ticketing device. 
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A single electronic ticket card will be valid for all kinds of Kyiv public transport. Locals and guests of Ukrainian capital will be able to pay for a ride by e-pass, Kyiv City Card, credit card with PayPass, mobile application and NFC module.
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It will be possible to use ticket with QR code for a single ride. Passengers will buy such tickets in special terminals on bus stops or pay for them by card right in the transport compartment. People will register their e-passes through special web-site in “Passenger`s cabinet” or with help of terminal. Payment for the rides will be controlled by ticket gates and special validators for cards and smartphones. The validators will show when exactly passenger paid for a ride for the last time. In the first months, conductors will still work in public transport: they will explain people how to use new system. 
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