Rustic Garden Decor Ideas 2018

Rustic Garden Decor Ideas 2018

Many gardeners find themselves in the same situation every year — how to bring a fresh touch to the garden after winter? While décor prices may be discouraging, the trendy rustic style can make redecorating budget-friendly and exciting for DIY lovers. Let’s look at its key elements to freshen up the garden in 2018.


One of the easiest things to find in Ukraine, pottery of various styles is a simple way to give a new life to the garden. Depending on available space, these decor elements can range from almost human-sized vases to small pots for one flower. It's better to opt for unglazed clay pots that give an authentic vibe. Many designers choose natural colors but if you want to add a bright accent, aim for Azure and other colors of a Mediterranean palette.
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Flower Baskets
Just like pottery, flower baskets can be easily found in various home goods stores. Galvanized baskets are by far the most popular and affordable option. Moreover, if you find an unused rusty tin or zinc bucket, don't be in a hurry to throw it away - place a pot with subtle flowers or plants like lavender inside to create an earthy Provence-styled touch.
Swinging Chairs
When it comes to swinging chairs, any wooden model is a perfect candidate to be an accent element in a rustic style garden. Placed outside among the bushes and flowers or hung on the patio, swinging chair can be decorated with neutral cushions of earth colors for more comfort.
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Wooden Ladders
Probably the most popular rustic garden element, wooden ladders are relatively easy to find even in the old barn. When it comes to placing and decorating, it's best to consider different options to see which works out best - for instance, a ladder with various pots on it can spice up a bare stone wall. Another way of incorporating a ladder into the garden layout is using it as a table for various items from tableware to books and glasses kept outside.
If you noticed a path in the garden that looks worn out, there's a DIY solution to bring it back to life. For this, you need a set of cobblestone and/or tiles. Rustic style leaves it up to the owner to choose shape, style and type of stone - some designers opt for classic round stones while others experiment with old and mismatched pieces to create a mosaic.
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Sure enough, wildlife is a lovely addition to any garden. Installing multiple birdhouses will help to attract birds and make the garden more colorful - aim for accentuated houses of blue, yellow and red colors with a classic design. If multiple houses take up way too much space, consider buying a multi-level construction that can be decorated with small flowerpots or applications.
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Vintage Furniture
While upcycling is more of a fashion trend, finding a way to use old furniture in a new way is certainly an eco-friendly idea that fits the rustic style. Old zinc chairs or wooden benches that lost its appeal can find a new place as tables for flowerpots or gardening instruments like watering pots. Bringing out the family antiques is one more way to add an authentic touch to a contemporary garden.
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