Read and re-read. A selection of great Ukrainian digital libraries


Ukrainian digital libraries are not only easy access to numerous books, but also an opportunity to preserve library collections in the face of a major war. This is their added utility.

Unfortunately, not all library collections are systematically working on digitalising their collections, but the work is underway. And this is great news. 

Even now, everyone can immerse themselves in a rich variety of literature, both by Ukrainian and foreign authors, translated into our language. Separate resources offer industry, scientific and popular literature, valuable and limited editions that are not available elsewhere. 

8 digital libraries to add to your browser bookmarks

We offer a selection of the largest book collections in Ukraine that allow you to download or read books in Ukrainian online. From classic fiction to scientific research, from books for adults to funny poems for children. 

1. Ukrainian electronic library Libruk

The website has collected works of different genres and time periods by Ukrainian classic and contemporary writers. Here you can both download books in the most popular formats and read them online directly in the library.

2. Public electronic library of Ukrainian fiction contains many works of fiction, which are structured alphabetically (by the first letter of the title), year of publication, and genres and forms of works. In addition, you can read the biographies of the writers and share your own impressions by leaving comments.

A separate section, Self-publishing, allows you to publish your books for free. The library also has a large explanatory dictionary.

3. The «UkrLib» library of Ukrainian literature

«UkrLib» is an acronym for Ukrainian Library. The purpose of ukrlib is to make our literature available to anyone who wants to read it.  

It is perhaps the largest electronic library in Ukraine, providing access to both works by Ukrainian writers and foreign books. It also has a small collection of audiobooks.

4. Electronic library «Culture of Ukraine»

At you will find not only fiction, but also a lot of historical, art history, ethnographic, culturological and other sectoral literature. 

Museum studies, music, theatre, sculpture, and even library theory — you can find truly unique publications here.

5. Electronic library «Ukrainian Literature»

The website provides free access to the best works of classical Ukrainian literature, which we all started to get acquainted with at school. Each author's page includes not only works, but also biographies (detailed and brief), abridged works, and paraphrases, which are popular with students who do not have time to prepare for their lessons. There is also a separate tab for those preparing for the External Independent Testing.

6. Electronic library of the National Library of Ukraine for children

The resource is based on the collection of the largest Ukrainian library for children. It provides access, among other things, to books that have been preserved in single copies, as well as to rare and valuable publications, including those published in the 19th century. There are also small-circulation scientific studies that may be useful to modern scientists. 

7. Children's public online library «Chytanka»

Another children's library,, offers books that you won't find in stores — they have not been reprinted for a long time. Scans of the books are a complete copy of the originals, with illustrations and old-school design. They need to be downloaded. Mostly, only individual pages are available online. 

This library is a great way to introduce children to the Ukrainian book heritage.

8. «Chtyvo» is a free online library of Ukrainian-language literature.

The library has a collection of mostly Ukrainian-language literature by both Ukrainian and foreign authors. However, there are also a number of books in other languages, including Polish and English. There are also scientific articles and old magazines.

Travel through online libraries and discover amazing book treasures with us.



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