To succeed persistence is needed

To succeed persistence is needed

The Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit 2019 was the second international tech conference, aimed at strengthening business linkages and promoting strategic cooperation between governments, businesses and startup ecosystems of Ukraine and Israel.

As media partner for the event, Destinations met UIIS keynote speakers here. We’ve talked about the formula of success in IT-business with Peli “the Tiger” Peled, the owner at People and Computers, and about the tools to attract investments into Ukrainian startups with Solomon Amar, CEO of AllStars-IT Ukraine.

Peli “the Tiger” Peled, Owner & CEO @ People and Computers

Peli “The Tiger” Peled, Owner of “People and Computers”, the largest media and events company in the IT field in Israel. Peli is a coach and a mentor for Israeli entrepreneurs. He wrote several books about his Tiger philosophy for entrepreneurship, the author of the book “My secret tiger”. Peli is enthusiastic about inspiring young entrepreneurs and helping them discover the killer instinct within themselves and launch their journey in the Jungle of life, a path of risk yet gain, hunger yet satisfaction, a path of personal business growth to success. Peli a world-wide speaker, giving lectures for increasing your motivation and overcoming the difficulties in life.

You are managing the leading media company in the IT field in Israel. What are you mainly focusing on in your stories – technologies or people?

People and Computers. Because people come first. I’ll give you a motto for everything we do: “Give me good people and not that good computers and we are going to win. Give me lousy people and great computers and we will never win».

So, team is a key essential for a successful startup. Is it true for innovative business either?

The team working on project defines its result. First of all, people should be tigers. Tigerism, as I state it, is Being a Better Person and Raising All-Around-Goodness. Being a Better Person according to the Tiger Way means compassionately dedicate yourself to others forever and a day.

What does innovation really mean?

Key essential for innovation is to be a person who pursues own ideas. You have to bring up new ideas and to fight for them. You may try it once and fail, you may try twice and fail, you may try twenty times and fail. But even after you failed you should rise up and try again. To succeed persistence is needed.

What is your personal formula for success?

Success comes when you achieve what you want to get. You put the targets and you never give up in achieving them. If other give up – let them do whatever they want.

What is needed to build effective startup ecosystem in Ukraine?

The state government and the local government should work together with the IT-industry and with the Academia. Once they work together on a same future purpose it builds up collaboration. Otherwise it won’t work. Startups or young IT companies which are just starting gaining money can’t succeed without governmental support.

Solomon Amar, Founder & CEO @ AllStars-IT Group

Solomon Amar is Founder and CEO of AllStars-IT Group, a leading global Software R&D services company with over 700 engineers, and subsidiaries in Israel, the UK, Europe, and the US. Solomon has more than 18 years of leadership experience in Software Product Development and Product Market Launch, working partnership with hundreds of clients and ensuring successful delivery of multidisciplinary technological projects worldwide and in various verticals.

Solomon is an Honorable Member at the “Israeli Ambassadors Club” where he acts as a Senior consultant for HighTech Business and Innovation. He holds B.Sc. in Software Engineering and Director of Public Companies from the Bar-Ilan University.

According to your experience in IT business in Ukraine, what is needed to build startup ecosystem here?

Before private sector would not start to invest by itself nothing will happen here. If you take the Israeli example, the government started to invest into IT startups but then immediately the private sector found out the potential of the IT market and business started to invest as well. It is everything about investment.

Should government be the driver in this process?

Yes, surely. The government should be the driver and it should push the private sector to tag along and to join.

What is needed to transform innovative ideas into commercial products? What fields of IT industry are the most attractive in Ukraine for making business?

I think that the future of the IT industry in Ukraine is around AI and medical systems. The ideas in both these areas potentially have huge opportunities to reach commercial success.

Are you ready to invest in MedTech in Ukraine?

We are already doing that. We have just launched AllStars-IT Incubator and looking for startups to invest and allow all facility, HR, Business consultancy and operation needed for 3 startups every year.


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