Ice Skating Locations in Lviv 2018-2019

Three people in ice skates

The new ice skating season is in! Lviv traditionally has three famous spots to enjoy skating with friends and family. Check out the prices and schedule for the 2018-2019 winter season.

The rink at Rynok Square

Ice rink on Rynok SquareLike many European cities, during the winter season, Lviv installs an ice skating rink on the main city square. In 2018-2019, the rink on Rynok Square located right behind the Town Hall will work until March 15. Traditionally, it is opened daily from 10 A.M. until 10 P.M. The rink on Rynok Square is especially magical at night, surrounded by Christmas market stalls with soft lights.

As for the prices, much depends on the day of week and time - on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ice skating on the central city rink is usually the most expensive. Thus, an hour of skating on Mon-Thu will cost UAH 100 for adults and UAH 80 for kids up to age 12. On Fri-Sun and holidays, the price goes up to UAH 130 for adults and UAH 100. In case you have your own pair of skates, the admission will be cheaper - UAH 80 (Mon-Thu) and UAH 90 (Fri-Sun) for adults and UAH 70 (Mon-Thu) and UAH 80 (Fri-Sun) for kids.

King Cross Leopolis rink

King Cross Leopolis rinkThe most popular all-the-year-round ice skating rink in Lviv is located in King Cross Leopolis shopping mall. The mall itself lies on the outskirts of Lviv on 30, Stryiska Street. It takes about a half an hour to reach from the city center. The rink is located on the third floor and is opened daily from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.

As for the admission price, it varies depending on the weekday. Thus, on Mon-Fri adults can skate for UAH 80 and kids can enjoy the rink for UAH 70. On Sat-Sun and holidays, the price goes up to UAH 110 for adults and UAH 90 for kids. One session lasts 45 minutes. Skates renting fee is included in the price. You can buy the ticket on spot or on the official website of King Cross Leopolis shopping mall.

The rink at Medyk Amusement Center

People ice skating outdoorsThe largest artificial ice skating rink in Ukraine is located in Medyk Amusement Center. It lies 20 minutes away from Lviv downtown on 24, Horbachevskoho street and can easily be reached by car. Public transport goes here as well - a bus stop is located in a two-minute walk from the center.

The outdoor skating rink is lit up at night and is brimming with kids and adults at any time of the day. Local skating instructors will assist those who want to learn for free. After skating, visitors can visit the local Dacha restaurant to indulge in hearty dishes of international cuisine.

The prices in 2018-2019 season depend largely on the weekday and time of the day. On Mon-Thu, an hour of skating until 5 P.M. will cost UAH 70 and will go up by UAH 10 after. On Friday, the price goes up to UAH 80 until 5 P.M. and UAH 110 after. On weekends, the price is single - UAH 110 per hour. As for kids, on Mon-Thu, an hour of skating until 5 P.M. will cost UAH 60 and will go up by UAH 10 after as well. On Friday, the price is UAH 70 until 5 P.M. and UAH 90 after. On weekends, the price is UAH 90 per hour.

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