Rafting on the Dniester River in Ukraine

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The Dniester, one of the most beautiful and powerful rivers of Ukraine, is a perfect place for water adventures. Green forests, high rocks, mysterious caves and picturesque landscapes of the Carpathians, Podillya and Bukovina instantly impress all travelers who come here. The Dniester is highly appreciated by those who prefer active leisure and extreme sports, especially rafting. Let`s find out what we can explore during a rafting tour on the Dniester.

Dniester River is stretched from the Carpathian mountains to the Black Sea. The length of the main waterway of the Western Ukraine is 1362 km. The riverbed of the Dniester passes along the border of Ukraine and Moldova. The Dniester carries its waters through the territory of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, separates Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi oblast` from Ternopil and Khmelnytsky oblast. In Odesa oblast`, the Dniester turns into a navigable river, mouthing into the Dniester estuary of the Black Sea. Closer to its source, the Dniester looks more like a mountain river with flow speed more than 4 m/s. In Sambor town, it is a typical mountain river in a narrow valley with steep rocky coasts. Channel width of the Dniester in this area is only 40 m, while in lowland parts it reaches 240 m.
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For 250 km, Dniester River flows in amazingly beautiful the Dniester canyon – the national park that is listed as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. Due to unique tectonic structure and thousands years of water and wind activity, the Dniester canyon can boast many unique natural masterpieces. Here you will see numerous waterfalls falling to the river from the high rocks and cliffs looking like a piece of cheese because of numerous caves and niches in them. Many local caves have interesting history – for example, some of them served as a shelter for hermit monks.
Being a magnificent unity of natural and historical landmarks, Dniester River is considered as one of the most attractive areas for rafting in Ukraine. Usually, tourists choose rafting tours on the Dniester that last from 2 up to 7 days. The Dniester is a calm river with minimum of rapid rifts, so rafting here does not require special trainings or excessive physical loading. Rafting on Dniester River is a safe, simple and pleasant activity. This is a great choice for your active vacation.

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Spring is the best time for rafting on Dniester River – in this period the snow melts in the Carpathians, ensuring powerful flow. Full tide covers shelves that are impassable in summer, which makes rafting way more exciting. If you want to do rafting on the Dniester in summertime, you should start from Sambor town; to begin your journey higher on the river, you will have to wait for a heavy rain that increases water level by 10–15 cm.
Many agencies in Ukraine offer numerous thematic rafting tours on the Dniester. There are 2-day weekend tours as well as longer tours that may take 4-5 days or a whole week. Professional instructors tell tourists all required information about safety rules during a rafting tour and offer interesting excursions to the landmarks of the charming Dniester canyon.
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During a rafting tour on the Dniester, you will enjoy mild local climate – so called “the Dniester subtropics” that guarantees gorgeous suntan for your skin. You will get deep impressions from magnificent beauty of the Dniester canyon. Its cliffs with height more than 150 meters, covered by relict virgin forests, create a breathtaking view, expressing the true power of nature. Local woods are a homeland for many plants and animals listed in the Red Book. You will find many lovely waterfalls – from the smallest ones and to 16-meter high Dzhurinsky waterfall, known as “the Dniester Jacuzzi”. While travelling along your route, you will also have a chance to see many old historical landmarks on the banks of the Dniester – castles, palaces and parks. You can watch them from a boat or make a stop and take a closer look.
Tourists that choose rafting tours on the Dniester enjoy not only floating in a boat, but also relaxing evenings near fire, sleeping in tents surrounded by nature, swimming in calm and clean river waters. Those who love fishing are lucky here: the Dniester is rich for different kinds of fish such as pikeperch, catfish, wild carp, pike, crucian carp, bream and other. Besides, here you can find strawberries, cherries, and mushrooms growing in the woods, so your dinner promises to be very delicious.
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As for historical landmarks, many tours along the Dniester include visiting the famous Khotyn fortress, ruins of Rakovetska fortress, old palaces and castles in Buchach, Koropets, Chervone, Chortkiv and other towns on the way.
You will remember rafting tour on Dniester River as an exciting adventure that refreshes both body and mind.
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