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The philosophy of the new modern Tila Clinic aims at discovering the inner resources of the body to make life longer, more qualitative and happier. What if you had the opportunity to restore your health and inner energy?

Traditional medicine claims that aging processes are inevitable. Whereas, centuries-old oriental practices prove that the harmonization of physical and mental principles have a powerful potential for restoring the body's resources. After all, health is not only the absence of physical illnesses, but also a deep self-awareness, self-confidence and a sense of fullness of life. The road to a happy and long life begins with this combination.

Tila Clinic's comprehensive programs of recovery and rejuvenation will help balance the physical and emotional, get rid of physical and emotional discomfort, relax and restore strength. Innovative treatment, cellular and anti-age therapy, SPA and DETOX procedures, perfect service and an individual approach to every patient is a comprehensive course of revitalization based on the model of leading European clinics.

It is all now available in Kyiv. Tila Clinic is a part of the Cell Therapy Institute and successfully combines a holistic approach, modern diagnostic methods, preventive and therapeutic manipulation. Its practice relies on Cell Therapy Institute’s scientists’ 40-year experience in the storage and practical application of biological products.

Time can’t be stopped. But it can be enjoyed...

Tila Clinic in KyivAging is a natural physiological process. But many negative external factors significantly accelerate our biological age. Violation of work and rest balance, accumulation of stress and endless deadlines, lack of sleep and physical activity, malnutrition - these are the everyday realities for many successful people. There is no need to talk about the effects of oxidants and the adverse environmental situation.

Despite all the destructive processes, the cells and systems of our body are programmed to adapt and maintain viability. You only need to find this recovery resource and use it to the full. Tila Clinic's programs include a wide range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics that can identify the risks of diseases associated with aging and provide clients with recommendations for lifestyle correction, dietary changes, and preventive measures to cause serious, irreversible changes.

Tila Clinic specialists use natural remedies, vitamins, microelements, amino acids. The unique component of treatment programs is the placenta extract - a biologically active compounds developed by the scientists of Criobank, which has undergone a number of successful clinical studies. Injections of the placenta extract activate the regeneration of all tissues and organs, improve the state of the vessels and heart muscle, optimize the function of the immune and endocrine systems, stimulate the detoxification function of the liver, activate anti-tumour factors, stimulate metabolic processes, which leads to the normalization of weight, improving skin condition, increases libido in men and women.

Choose your Anti-age Program

Health Check-up

Health Check-upPurpose: complex diagnostics of cardiovascular and endocrine systems, detection of the risk of oncological diseases and dermatological problems, etc.

After passing the diagnostic course, you will receive a detailed report about your health, as well as recommendations for further treatment and prevention of diseases. The final stage of the program is the consultation of the anti-age therapist based on the results of the check-up and the provision of dietary nutrition and lifestyle corrections.

Cleaning and Weight Control

Weight controlPurpose: dynamic, effective course of body purification and body weight correction and balance of vital forces.

As part of the program, in addition to medical and cosmetic procedures, you will receive valuable consultations of specialized specialists, get the skills of proper nutrition, which will help maintain health and high levels of energy in the body. The result of the program - weight loss due to compliance with the individually developed diet and physical activity, increase of vitality, improvement of well-being, prevention of diseases.

Express Recovery and Express Recovery & Anti Stress

Express recoveryPurpose: effective renewal and increase of vital tone and energy of an organism after intoxication, overwork, stressful situations.

Intense and effective programs for rapid recovery of the body include a set of measures and procedures aimed at the soft and prompt cleaning of the body from toxins and allergens, improving energy balance and sleep. They can be supplemented with injections and cosmetology procedures using placental drugs, as well as consultations of the specialists.

Prevention of Aging 25+ and Renewal 35+

Anti aging programPurpose: prevention of age-related changes, rejuvenation and renewal of healthy sleep. Active and effective anti-aging program aimed at preventing aging processes, revitalizing the face and body, restoring energy balance, and therefore preventing diseases.

Anti-aging therapy from Tila Clinic will help you to meet the maturity like autumn filled with the sun and generous fruits of your life. It is time to enjoy communicating with friends, interesting trips and new impressions, the joy of taking care of your grandchildren and the opportunity to share your experience and wisdom.

Tila Clinic helps restore strength, get rid of excess, prolong youth – BE YOURSELF! We are real when we are good.


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