5 Ukrainian Skincare Products for Cold Winter

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A typical Ukrainian winter is a survival challenge for the skin - negative double digits, harsh wind and high humidity can leave even the most well-kept skin in shambles. I picked 5 products by Ukrainian brands to test and include in the winter skincare routine as a die-hard fan of various skincare products. Naturally, the rest of Ukrainian cosmetics is just as worth the attention.

Winter skin care tips

Just like we change clothes from season to season, it's necessary to change skincare routine as well. The transition from relatively warm autumn to cold winter is often traumatic for skin, especially when it comes to abrupt and harsh Ukrainian winters. That's why it's necessary to follow a few simple steps to update the routine.

Firstly, don't be too quick to hide SPF products. While UVB rays, responsible for causing sunburn, aren't that strong in winter, UVA rays that penetrate deep into the skin and cause wrinkling are still there. Skincare products like creams or oils with SPF 25+ need to be incorporated in the winter skincare routine.

The next step that might seem obvious is yet incredibly important - hydration, hydration, hydration. In winter skin is more prone to become dry and flaky, so nourishing is a must. Besides, the scalding hot showers we often take in the cold season aren't helping either - in the long run, they only dry out your skin. It's better to wash your face with lukewarm water before and after the shower.

The two sensitive areas that need extra protection during winter are lips and hands. Both tend to become chapped without extra care. Usually, regularly applying a basic moisturizer and lip balm is enough, but if your skin is extra-dry in winter, it's better to consult with a dermatologist about the treatment strategy.

Finally, it's necessary to remember that not every skincare brand may be suitable for your skin type. It's always better to consult with dermatologist and allergist before buying or switching brands of skincare or makeup.


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Публикация от PROGREEN.Бренд.Косметология (@progreen.cosmetics) 

According to ProGreen website, the main feature of this cosmetics brand is a unique and effective product recipe base. Apart from vegetable oils, hydrolates and extracts, the brand uses many natural ingredients with proven positive effects, such as peptides, polysaccharides and enzymes. Most components are accredited with ECOCERT certificate.

Coconut emulsion for hands and body by ProGreen is a part of the animal-friendly vegan cosmetics line. It provides deep moisturizing, nourishing and helps to reduce the feeling of tightness after a shower. The active components include, among others, organic coconut oil and Vitamin E. Besides, the formula is gluten and silicon-free.

White Mandarin

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Публикация от Белый Мандарин (@whitemandarin_organic)

White Mandarin is one of the most popular Ukrainian brands of eco-cosmetics that usually appears in numerous rates and lists. All raw materials used by the company have received ECOCERT certificate, which guarantees the prime quality of products. The popular picks by White Mandarin include ingredients like sprouted grains and Carpathian herbs.

Our winter pick by White Mandarin is the Sprouted Grains express alginate mask. The active ingredients - peptides of germinated grains, coenzyme Q10, chondroitin - provide deep lifting effect and improve skin elasticity. The mask also helps to even out the skin tone and freshen up the face rather quickly. It is one of the White Mandarin's best sellers and is especially popular during holidays. One mask pack is enough for 2-3 treatments.

Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle

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Публикация от Натуральная косметика VIGOR (@vigorcosmetics_official)

Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle has a serious approach when it comes to choosing raw materials. Based on natural biologically active elements, Vigor's products contain essential oils and extracts of herbs, supplied from 85 countries of the world. All items by Vigor have a unique feature - they are stored in the fridge to preserve prime qualities.

Moisturizing day cream SPF 20 by Vigor suits normal and dry skin. The cream protects from sun radiation like UVA and UVB, harsh wind and dry air-conditioned air. Active components of the cream include, among others, filtrated snail secretion Poly Helixan, green coffee and Moringa extracts, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic acid.


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Публикация от Svija - handmade cosmetics (@svija.cosmetics)

Svija is a Ukrainian brand of handmade natural cosmetics. As the brand's website states, all cosmetics are produced in the Svija studio, where the entire working surface, equipment and containers are dipped or sprayed with an alcohol solution to meet the sterility requirements. The recipes include 100% plant-based materials and are designed to match different skin types.

The choice of the month on Svija website is a moisturizing Vanilla face cream with wheat and chamomile extracts. It moisturizes and softens the skin without an oily residue, removes irritation and improves face color. The cream is a basic skin treatment product that suits all skin types.


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Публикация от Украинская косметика PeNa (@pena.ua)

Cosmetics by PeNa are made on the basis of natural components like plant extracts and essential oils without any harmful additives. Besides, all products are inspected during laboratory tests. Apart from the usual-sized products, the brand sells mini-versions to try out before purchasing the large bottle. Gift sets are available as well.

To protect the lips during the winter season, PeNa offers sea buckthorn lip balm. Its ingredients - beeswax, shea butter and sea buckthorn oil - are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, moisturize and protect lips from environmental exposure and help to heal cracks.

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Cover photo: unsplash.com.

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