Warm Terraces in Kyiv Restaurants for Cold Season

people on winter terrace of a restaurant

It`s already a bit cold outside in these fall days, so having an open-air dinner is not an option any more. However, we still can enjoy tasty food and drinks while observing beautiful city views from the windows of a warm terrace. Let`s check out where to find the most comfortable and cozy warm terraces in Kyiv restaurants.


restaurant terrace with panoramic glass walls
MAMA GOCHI is a Georgian restaurant in the very heart of the capital that wins hearts with traditional Georgian hospitality and perfect food. Here you can enjoy your dinner sitting on a warm terrace with a view over a picturesque square. The restaurant can boast stylish interior, spacious cozy halls and friendly atmosphere. Thematic events and parties are regularly held here, so apart from dining, you can also have some fun and dance. The menu offers wide choice of Georgian cuisine wonders such as khashlama with beef and greenery, dolma with beef and pork, Mingrelia lobio, lamb kebab, khachapuri and khinkali, matsoni with flower honey, mint or walnuts. The restaurant also has a great assortment of the famous Georgian wines.
Address: 6, Gorodetskogo street

Black Market Restaurant

roofed restaurant terrace
This restaurant in Parus business center in Kyiv downtown has several halls including warm terrace, VIP room and spacious hall with greenery and natural lighting. The place impresses with stylish modern interior, stage with professional sound and light equipment, pre-party zone near the bar and, of course, wide assortment of Asian and European dishes. Here you can try such delicacies as salad with veal tongue, tomatoes and balsamic sauce, dumplings with veal tails and fois gras, risotto with Pamigo cheese, grilled salmon with spinach, quinoa and asparagus, rabbit with potatoes in cream sauce with truffles, cheesecake with mango sauce. Black Market restaurant also has wide range of alcohol drinks, good breakfast menu and delivery service.
Address: 2, Mechnykova street


gorgeous two-level restaurant
Fabius is a two-floor Italian cuisine restaurant with its own eco-greenhouse and dairy. The design of the place keeps to American loft style, pleasing the eye with panoramic windows and much greenery. However, the large warm panoramic terrace that works all-year round is the most popular place here. On the terrace, guests can enjoy a lovely view over the lake and pine forest. As for other advantages of Fabius restaurant, we should name special menu for kids, hall with fireplace, open kitchen, bakery and only natural products used for cooking. The menu includes such tasty options as beef carpaccio with capers and dried tomatoes, bruschetta with tomatoes and stracciatella cheese, salmon salad with avocado, rabbit liver on cream polenta, pizza and focaccia from wood-fired oven, steaks and many other. Of course, the menu also offers good Italian wines.
Address: 70, Stolychne highway


cozy restaurant terrace
Karavan, an Eastern cuisine restaurant in the city center, delights with stylish interior, large panoramic windows, delicious dishes, sweet smell of hookah and warm terrace where guests can have a good rest even in cool fall days. The menu includes five types of pilaf, khinkali, shurpa, lamian, kebab, hummus, dolma, couscous, meat pastries, gözleme, lamb on a spit, dishes cooked on Indian tandoor grill. The restaurant also offers a special halal menu and regularly holds festivals of the seasonal products.
Address: 10, Klovsky Descent

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Tarantino Grill & Wine bar

couple on restaurant`s warm terrace
Tarantino Grill & Wine is a well-known steakhouse on Podil serving dishes made of high-quality local and American products. This is a two-storey restaurant with several halls and warm terrace. Here you can order lamb chops marinated in herbs, rabbit roll in mushroom sauce with smashed potatoes and Parmesan, grilled beef with cherries, tuna steak with chili and honey sauce, risotto with gorgonzola and pears, chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Apart from good food and drinks, guests of Tarantino Grill & Wine can enjoy live music and thematic events.
Address: 35, Sagaydachnogo street


beautiful roofed terrace of restaurant
Smorodyna is a steak house that harmonically unites culinary traditions of Ukraine, Europe and America. The design of the place keeps to light colors and impresses with panoramic windows as well as unique lusters decorated with spoons and teacups. The restaurant has an open kitchen, so guests can watch how their food is being cooked. The visitors of the dining spot love to seat on the restaurant`s terrace that is warm enough to feel comfortable until late fall. The main focus in the menu is made on meat dishes cooked using grill or josper. It is recommended to try Ribeye steak, filet mignon, Moroccan lamb with dried figs, dates and pomegranate seeds, chicken marinated in Eastern herbs. Talking about desserts, we should not skip panna cotta with strawberry sauce and homemade ice cream.
Address: 7, Rusanivska embankment


elegant served table with candles and dishes
This Georgian cuisine restaurant in the capital`s center has a comfortable warm terrace with a view over the lovely park. Here guests can try authentic Caucasian dishes such as paste made of vegetables grilled with coriander, dolma with lamb, khachapuri made of puff-paste, lamian with homemade noodles, beef kebab, beef medallions with Georgian barbecue sauce, pakhlava with honey and nuts. The rich choice of Georgian wines here is a gift for any gourmand. Kuvshin restaurant regularly holds wine & traditional food festivals along with workshops for kids.
Address: 10, Fedorova street
Kyiv restaurants with warm terraces will make your fall dinners unforgettable. Welcome.
Photo source: websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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