Most Popular Night Clubs in Kyiv Downtown

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Kyiv is a party capital that is steadily gaining in popularity with foreign visitors. Nightlife in Kyiv is vivid and diverse: you can find a bunch of underground spots for ‘cool kids’ as well as spend lots of money at more sophisticated places. Check out the best nightclubs in Kyiv to spend some quality time.


concert in clubAtlas Club in Kyiv is one of the coolest city’s venues. The schedule of the live gigs reflects the variety of musical genres played at the club. You can get maximum of pleasure, drive and unforgettable experience if you are a fan of rock, metal, jazz, indie, pop, hip-hop and EDM etc. 

The word "club" is usually associated exclusively with youth culture. This is totally not true for Atlas night club in Kyiv. The program of concerts in Atlas takes into account everyone's tastes. And if you are planning to visit Kyiv, Atlas is a good place to start your acquaintance with the concert, disco and nightlife of the city.

Address: 37-41 Sichovyh Striltsiv Street
Phone number: 067 155 2255


party in nightclubSkyBar is one more popular nightclub located in the downtown Kyiv. The complex has two dance floors and Skybar Summer Terrace is often called one of the best clubs in Kyiv. Kitsch Loft style, mystical lights and intoxicating fresh air of the terrace under the musical wave of Tech House take you to another dimension.

Nebo restaurant offers a spectacular panoramic view. Nebo awes all the guests with gourmet dishes and exceptionally well mixed drinks. Here you can sing in karaoke with the best lead vocalists of Ukraine in a fiery atmosphere and with more than 30 thousands of your favorite songs on selection.

Address: 5, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
Phone number: 044 223 8888


party in club in neon lightsD'Fleur is a unique place in the center of Kyiv, uniting modern night club and cozy comfortable restaurant. The guests of D'Fleur enjoy laconic design that keeps to European style, delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and VOID acoustics sound system that has no analogues in Kyiv and in the whole country. This system allows visitors to listen to high quality loud music and keep a conversation with each other at the same time.

This Kyiv night club works 3 days per week, opening its doors at 6 PM. From 6 till 23 PM, D'Fleur is a luxury restaurant, and after 11 PM it turns into a gorgeous party place with the best music and vivid atmosphere. Music format of the club was developed jointly with the best world`s DJs – the residents of such famous clubs as Vip Room, Jimmyz, Bagatelle, Baoli, Cavalli Club Dubai, Queen Club Paris, Nikky Beach. Every week guests are welcome to enjoy energizing sets of top European DJs, unusual show program, special secret guests and rhythmic melodies played by D'Fleur`s French resident – DJ Yass.

Address: 3, Grushevskogo Street
Phone number: 073 200 9009


many people in club at music concertCaribbean night club is famous for Latin American-themed parties and is one of the oldest nightlife venues in Kyiv. That's why, in case you're not sure what to do in Kyiv at night, Carribbean might give a hint.

In 2013, the facility was rebuilt - now the club has two floors with a huge dance floor and a big stage. Thanks to the big stage, Caribbean often works as a concert hall. Schedule of events is so dense, that it’s better to look at the website of the club before the visit.

The club is especially beloved by foreigners as well as Latin American music fans of Kyiv. There is entrance fee in Caribbean Club; prices are not the highest in the city. The cost depends on the event that takes place in the club, and on the day of the week. There are days with free entrance. The Caribbean Club is famous for its parties timed for holidays, such as Halloween, Saint Valentine's Day and New Year. The venue offers bright shows, great Latino music and fine food drinks.

Address: 4, Symona Petlyury Street
Phone number: 067 224 4111


Lift club in KyivLift is one of the best gay clubs in Kyiv famous for its drag shows and fun vibe. It is located in the city center near the Olympiiska metro station and opened daily. According to the reviews of some visitors, Lift has friendly bartenders and is always full of visitors on weekends.

Some visitors also state that the best time to visit is 11.30 P.M. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the club hosts drag shows or organizes karaoke nights. On Fridays and weekends, the club invites DJ for fiery live sets. That's why if you're in doubt where to go in Kyiv at night, Lift might be the answer.

Address: 72A, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
Phone number: 093-044-50-91


Indigo club in KyivIndigo is one of the most visited night clubs in Kyiv. It is located conveniently near the Vokzalna metro station as well as in a short ride from the Kyiv International Airport (also called Zhuliany). The disco club located on the fourth floor of the Indigo complex hosts regular thematic parties on Fridays and Saturdays, easily providing an option for what to do in Kyiv at night.

The club is equipped in a way to suit every taste: Indigo Terrace offers hookah with various flavors, as well as a karaoke bar with high-quality tech. The disco club works on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 P.M. until 6 A.M., karaoke bar is available daily from 9 P.M. to 6 A.M. Finally, the restaurant at Indigo complex works daily from 10 A.M. to 6 A.M.

Address: 3, Kudryashova Street
Phone number: 094 905 9046


Closer club in KyivThe history of Closer club started in 2013. In the early years, the club was ill-famed for having problems with police authorities, but such kind of “black PR” made it very popular at the same time. Nowadays, Closer is the most well-known underground nightclub of Kyiv, always surprising visitors with diversity and uniqueness of events. At the daytime, Closer is a co-working space and an antique furniture store, but in the evening it turns into a popular Kyiv nightlife area with DJs and merry crowd.

Visitors have fun on a dance floor or chill on soft sofas (some of them even sleep here). In summer, clubbers also hang out at open-air terrace. Closer is also an art center, offering regular lectures about music, cinema and literature along with expositions of modern Ukrainian art and theatre performances. In general, Closer can be called an important cultural and art platform, a must-visit place for those who are interested in Kyiv nightlife.

Address: 31, Nyzhnyoyurkivska street
Phone number: 067 658 8951

Capital of Ukraine is famous for its luxury nightclubs and posh lounge bars. Truly, the numerous clubs offer various things to do in Kyiv at night. Get crazy and spend a quality night out at one of the best clubs in Kyiv!


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