5 Best Bottled Mineral Waters in Ukraine

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Water is life, and drinking good mineral water means living life of the high quality. The nature of Ukraine is rich for many wonders, including mineral waters that benefit to both health and beauty. Let`s check out 5 brands of Ukrainian mineral waters, which are definitely worth trying.


Morshinksa is at the top of the popular mineral waters in Ukraine. The healing powers of the waters from sources in Morshin town of Lviv oblast` of Ukraine were discovered in the XIX century. Salt brines with the high concentration of minerals found here are used for making water with curative effects. Morhinska mineral water contains many useful elements such as magnum, potassium and other. This water has beneficial influence on kidneys and gall bladder; it is used in the treatment of many diseases of digestive tract, diabetes and other. Morhinska water has light and pleasing taste. Its fluid density is very close to blood plasma, so it is easily absorbed by human body.


Myrhorodska is a well-known Ukrainian mineral water produced in Myrhorod town of Poltava oblast`. It is a light-salted chloride-sodium water with mineralization 2.5–3.2 g/l and with small content of magnum and calcium. This transparent flavorless water is taken out directly of the well without any contact with air that helps to preserve its natural characteristics. Myrhorodska water is poured in bottles right in the place of its production according to all international standards. Drinking this water is beneficial for digestive tract, nervous system and woman`s health.

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Obolon factory produces mineral drinks made of deep groundwater from aquifers of Cenomanian and Jurassic periods with depth from 105 up to 297 meters. Water sources of Obolon` are isolated from surficial contamination by a 100-meter wide layer of clay, chalk and sand. Such natural purification guarantees high quality of water and makes it suitable both for drinking and food preparation. Obolon water contains a combination of important mineral elements that helps to regulate salt-water balance in human organism.


Truskavetska mineral water is produced in a picturesque Carpathian town. It has good taste and low natural mineralization up to 0.9 g/l that allows it to be used by anyone. This water can boast a perfect unity of all necessary minerals and elements. The research has proved that regular drinking of Truskavetska mineral water prevents skin from aging, so it is recommended by many cosmetologists. It is especially useful to drink it in summertime when skin needs additional moisturizing. Truskavetska is a “younger sister” of well-known Naftusia medicinal water. Having all beneficial components of Naftusia in smaller concentration, Truskavetska can be considered as a good choice of everyday drink.

Poliana Kvasova

For many years, Poliana Kvasova mineral water has been produced in Poliana village of Zakarpattia oblast’. It is taken from a unique source in the depth of the mountain massif. By the taste, this carbon-dioxide highly mineralized water slightly reminds of kvass (which explains the water`s brand name). Poliana Kvasova mineral water is rich for hydrogen carbonates, boracic acid, fluorine and boracium. The mineralization of water is 11–13 g/l. This water is used for treatment of different diseases of digestive tract and respiratory passages.
Stay healthy and feel the healing power of nature, tasting the best mineral waters in Ukraine.
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