Top 6 Dental Clinics in Lviv

Top 6 Dental Clinics in Lviv

While staying in such a charming city as Lviv, we only want to enjoy amazing architecture, famous Lviv chocolate and fragrant coffee. However, life is unpredictable, and anyone may face such an unpleasant problem as sudden toothache. Where to seek for the best dentist in Lviv in such a case? We prepared the list of top 6 dental clinics in Lviv, where experienced professionals will take excellent care of your teeth.


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Stomatoprofy is one of the best-known clinics providing efficient dental care in Lviv. Team work is a specific approach used in the clinic when providing services to its clients. This approach, developed considering experience of foreign partners and dental research institutes, means that complicated problem of a client is solved with efforts of several doctors. If a patient has a small problem such as caries, it will be fixed by just a dental therapist; but if a person faces some serious issue like non-functional occlusion or need for an implant, he/she will be consulted by a team of specialists: orthopedists, orthodontist and implantologist. Stomatoprofy clinic offers services in all dentistry branches: therapy, surgery, orthopedics, orthodontia, endodontic, gnathology, aesthetic stomatology. Using modern equipment and materials, doctors of Stomatoprofy can solve dental problems of any complexity.
Address: 31, Doroshenka street

Dental Clinic of Oleksandr Drahanchuk

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Dental Clinic of Oleksandr Drahanchuk, one of the leaders in the field of dentistry in Lviv, offers its clients a full range of high quality dental services. The list includes medical treatment of teeth and root canals, teeth whitening, implantation and osteoplasty, treatment of periodontitis and paradontosis, prosthodontics and operative dentistry. The clinic is best known for its great success in teeth implantation. The specialists of Dental Clinic of Oleksandr Drahanchuk always stay updated with the newest developments and technologies of implantology. They participate in international seminars and exchange experience with foreign colleagues. All teeth implants in the clinic are made of high quality medical titanium that does not provoke any reaction in human organism. Such implant grows into the bone and becomes an integral part of it. The clinic offers 10 years guarantee for its implants.
Address: 109, Generala Tarnavskogo street


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Parodent network of clinics has been providing effective dental help in Lviv for more than 18 years already. These clinics are especially famous for their excellent treatment of paradontosis. When dealing with paradontosis cases, the doctors of Parodent not only eliminate external manifestation of the problem (gum inflammation), but also work with the initial reason of its occurrence, preventing disease relapse in future. Besides successful treatment of paradontosis, clients of the clinic are offered full spectrum of dental care services in the fields of preventive dentistry, dental surgery, dental restoration, prosthodontics and implantation with different implant systems.
Address: 52, Lychakivska street; 4, Glyboka street


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Perfect-Dent is one of the first private stomatological clinics in Lviv, so its specialists can boast 20 years of experience. High standards of service, usage of progressive technologies and modern dental equipment are the priorities of the clinic work. Perfect-Dent provides complete pack of dental treatments in the fields of orthodontics, aesthetic stomatology, endodontics, orthopedy and dental surgery. The list of Perfect-Dent services includes exclusive treatments such as anti-age stomatology and dental SPA. The clients are also offered “Perfect Dent Kids” – progressive dental clinic of a new format for children.
Address: 1b, Tershakovciv street


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In this dental office in Lviv, customers can get wide range of dental services, including diagnostics, dental therapy, professional hygiene, aesthetic stomatology, pediatric dentistry, dental surgery, implantation, orthopedy and orthodontics. Symbiotyka dental clinic in Lviv is also famous for usage of progressive methods of painless dentistry. Revolutionary system called SANDMAN FUTURA provides medical treatment of teeth without using dental drill and anesthesia. This system is a product of microdentisry, one of the newest trends in modern stomatology. The method is based on minimal invasiveness into healthy part of a tooth, ensured by unique system of air abrasion treatment.
Address: 29, Kubiyovycha street

Authorial Dental Clinic of Maryana Melnychuk

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When looking for a good dentist in Lviv with the most modern and innovative approach, you should surely pay attention to Authorial Dental Clinic of Maryana Melnychuk. This clinic has its own philosophy based on the concept that patients should not only receive quick solution for their teeth issues, but should also get understanding of reasons that led to the occurrence of a problem and ways to prevent this problem in future. Apart from standard set of dental services such as whitening and dental therapy, Authorial Dental Clinic of Maryana Melnychuk offers the newest technologies. For example, CEREC is a special micro prosthodontics technology that unites methods, equipment and materials used for producing and installation of dental prosthesis such as veneers and dental crowns. These prostheses are made of ceramic blocks with the help of special CAD/CAM system. This technology was developed in Zurich University. FLORIDA PROBE system is the most innovative method for diagnostics of gum diseases. The system works on the basis of electric broach operated by periodontist through computer.
Address: 23, Ivana Franka street
Impress the world with your happy snow-white smile, using services of the best dental clinics in Lviv.
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