Greek accent: Ukrainian vision” - Ukrainian Contemporary Art Project in Greece

greek accent in ukraine

An exhibition of Ukrainian Contemporary art “Greek accent: Ukrainian vision” will be held in Greece from October 8 till 25. The project is organized by the Culture Center “ArtLine” with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece.

The project is based on a fruitful collaboration with the Municipality of Lamia and PurPur Gallery and consists of two parts: the presentation of the exhibition in the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece (Athens)  8-10 October and the exhibition in PurPur Gallery (Lamia) 11- 25 October 2019

The curator of the project is a well-known Ukrainian artist, Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Member of the Association of Visual Arts of Central Greece (VAACG), Member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine, art-director of the Cultural Center “ArtLine” Marianna Abramova The theme of the exhibition builds a connection between past and present, between Greece and Ukraine. How the ideals of beauty and harmonious development of a person created in Ancient Greece have been transformed in modern society in general and Ukrainian society in particular? What does a modern person percept as a harmony and beauty today? What do we consider as a beauty canon today?

These questions were posed by the curator of the project  Marianna Abramova to more than 10 bright Ukrainian artists working in different styles and medias (painting, painting on the glass, pastel, collage, author’s dolls) to give their unique creative reflection on the topic and search for the answers through their art. The only limit for their research is the square format and size of the work 50x50 cm

 “This project is dedicated to a beauty, harmony and harmonious individual development. Classical canons of a beauty and ideas of harmoniously developed person were formed in Ancient Greece. The impact of those ideals is hard to underestimate. Greece is called the cradle of the European civilization. More than 10 bright Ukrainian artists who form our local modern art scene were invited to pay tribute to powerful Greek culture and present their unique Ukrainian view of it through their art. Therefore the art-dialog between history and modernity was built.  The topic was developed  by artists through many different philosophical aspects: from the view of the harmonious type of the society (based on the reflections on the Greek born democracy) to inner beauty of the soul that is hidden  in the cage of modern stereotypes and influence of the media,  from  the  view of modern ecology problems as  a part of our development  and influence of the High Tech innovations on our ideas of beauty and lifestyle to the beauty of the Nature which is still our best teacher and Love that has no end and Eternal values that are more powerful than any artificially created idols of modern society.  So the audience could see that wide range of different points of view.  And I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Ukrainian modern art variety to the Greek audience and invite to such an art-dialog between   our countries”, - says curator of the project Marianna Abramova

Participants of the project:

Marianna Abramova , Iryna Akimova, Lidiia Grynko, Liliia Zadoianchuk, Inna Katiushchenko, Lana Kaufman, Alyona Kichkina, Tatiana Korol, Alexandra Musienko, Katerina Pyatakova, Nataliia Stryzhko, Elena Smal


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