Fall 2019 Basic Color Palette

Pantone colors

While we only expect the start of warm season, Pantone determined already autumn 2019 basic color palette that can help the designers to implement these colors in their fall/winter 2019 collections and latest fashion trends.

In addition to Living Coral 16-1546 trendy color of the year 2019 the experts of Pantone Color Institute™ announced the basic color palette of autumn 2019.
This color palette will be relevant in the upcoming autumn-winter season. The main shades of the color palette relevant in the upcoming autumn-winter season are red Chili Pepper and more saturated Biking Red. They are followed by delicate colors: Crème de Peche and Peach Pink. Next on the list are Brown Rocky Road and bright Fruit Dove.

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As the experts of the Pantone Color Institute™ say, the palette is a kind of embodiment of the public's desire to start a new life: “Today we are too immersed in work. Earlier we have already raised this topic, but since then we have no relief. Obviously, we subconsciously want to emphasize our stability and strength with the help of saturated color.”
While autumn-winter season the colors associated with food and drinks will be popular as well: Sugar Almond, Dark Cheddar, Vanilla Custard and Guacamole.
Autumn 2019 Basic Color Palette announced by Pantone Color Institute™ is full of energy and joy.

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