J4UA project in Lausanne surveys Ukrainians' Swiss employment

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The University of Lausanne is launching the J4UA project (Jobs for Ukrainians) to assist Ukrainians in Switzerland in their job search. DestiNation.ua is providing informational support for the project as it is a crucial initiative that will contribute to the professional development of Ukrainians and improve their quality of life.

Key Advantages of the J4UA Project:

It is an innovative social project developed based on a specially designed scientific platform at the University of Lausanne.

  • J4UA allows Ukrainians seeking employment to identify their cognitive abilities and competencies and match them with various job positions related to their previous work experience and aligned with their current skills.
  • J4UA promotes skill development in areas such as reading comprehension, effective communication, inductive reasoning, memory, time management, monitoring, and perceptual speed.
  • J4UA aims to simplify the job search process for Ukrainians, both in Switzerland and upon their return to Ukraine, as it is evident that many may not be able to return to their previous workplaces.

Additionally, by optimizing the employment process and involving a growing number of Ukrainians in the Swiss workforce, the project will reduce the burden on the Swiss budget, as the need for humanitarian assistance will decrease.

Survey Details

The survey's primary goal is not only to create a profile of Ukrainians that facilitates their integration into the Swiss job market but also to use it in the future for funding purposes. This is crucial to ensure the continued development of a project with promising prospects and significant benefits.

The survey is anonymous, short, and precise, taking only 3-5 minutes to complete, and accessible through the following link.

Together with the J4UA team, we thank everyone who supports the project with their responses and helps spread the word about the survey so that more Ukrainians in Switzerland can participate.




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