Ukrainian Kinetic expert Yuliia Duganova about a new direction in self-development


Working as a personal fashion and image stylist for a long time, I have seen how a style change can transform a person. However, aiming for even greater and faster results in working with clients and developing as a professional, I delved into studying kinetics. Today, I will tell you about this method and the effects of kinetic image transformation.

Kinetics is the science of human movement. Kinetic image is a person's impression on others through their poses, gestures, silhouettes, and movements.

Verbal communication between people has only existed for two hundred thousand years, while nonverbal communication has been used for millions of years. With the development of science and education, nonverbal communication has taken a back seat. However, this ancient knowledge still influences people just as actively as it once did.

The perception of a kinetic image occurs on the reptilian brain level; the impression from poses and movements is many times stronger than from words. Others instantly read this, and it consequently affects all areas of life. We can say the right words and be assertive on a verbal level, but our bodies will show insecurity or doubt. And we need more than that to achieve our goals.

Therefore, a kinetic image is not just about beauty; it's about personal development, resource preservation, an easier life journey, and a fuller realization of one's potential and goals.

Kinetics is not just a science; it's an original method based on video analysis of a person's posture, movements, and behavior, which allows for the correction of kinetic images and the management of impressions about oneself. Surprisingly, this contributes to a change in one's internal state.

Form changes content, which happens quickly in just a few sessions. Years of introspection and numerous psychologist appointments are not necessary. Or it can be a significant additional method of psychotherapy.

What results can you expect from kinetics?

In short, the benefits of kinetics for everyone's life can be outlined as energy conservation and resourcefulness. What real positive shifts are possible due to the change in kinetic image?

On a personal level:

  • You look more attractive and younger.
  • You quickly adapt and become yourself in any community.
  • You attract the right partners.
  • You strengthen existing relationships.
  • You read the inner state of other people through their poses and gestures.
  • You become a more high-ranking individual and can occupy a higher position in society.
  • You better understand yourself, your body, your genetics.
  • You can eliminate stiffness in the body.

In business, kinetics helps:

  • Build both horizontal and vertical connections.
  • Negotiate more easily.
  • Sell by influencing instincts.
  • Navigate interviews, career advancement, elections.
  • Look more authoritative.
  • Evoke more trust during negotiations and public appearances.
  • Move faster towards success in any endeavor.

And this is just a small part of what our body kinetics can achieve!

For a basic introduction to personal kinetics, record yourself on video. Something routine that you do every day. For example, how you have breakfast. Review and observe, do you like everything? Note what you might want to improve. What exactly? How can you do it?

In the next columns, I will talk about how to use kinetic techniques for profound changes and goal achievement in specific areas of life - during interviews, networking, in different communities, and in personal communication.



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