The First Hub of Ukrainian Craft Beer in Lviv

The First Hub of Ukrainian Craft Beer in Lviv

It's largely known that hubs are usually associated with IT. However, the recently opened Insider Craft Hub can change this often connection. Following the success of many Ukrainian craft beers, the local brewer Andrii Matsola has opened the doors to fellow colleagues and enthusiasts to develop the promptly growing sphere of Ukrainian business.

Insider Craft Hub works on the principles of any other hub — rookies and professionals need to present their ideas in a way to spark interest and in case of success they are provided with everything necessary for the trade from equipment to the market chain.
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Image: Anders Kissmeyer
The hub will host regular visits from the leading brewers of the world. The guests will not only give a lecture and share their experience but also take part in the process — thus, the first collab between Insider Hub and a leading Danish brewer Anders Kissmeyer resulted in a pioneer product line.
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The classic and most well-known craft beer, Indian Pale Ale or IPA, are presented here with two sour variations: Bombay Watermelon IPA and Bengal Grapefruit IPA. Both beverages have a sweet lingering taste of watermelon and grapefruit accordingly. The second beer presented by the Lviv hub is Milk Stout Hazelnut, notable with thick cream foam and aftermath nut flavor.
All beers by the Insider Craft Hub will be soon represented in shops all over the country.
Photo source: Insider Craft Hub Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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