7 Dining Spots for Comfortable Work in Kyiv

7 Dining Spots for Comfortable Work in Kyiv

Freelancers and those who work from home often face the too familiar ordeal: an apartment is simply too distracting to work at. The feeling is so universal that Kyiv alone has more than 10 coworking spaces, created specifically so that nothing distracts from the day’s goals. However, cafes and restaurants known for their peace and quietness serve the same purpose just fine.


simpleSimple café located on Saksahanskoho Street is often filled with people working on their laptops and businessmen on meetings. The reason is the quietness and calm vibe of the café that lets the workflow go uninterrupted. Located conveniently in the center of the city, Simple can be reached from the University metro station.

The menu is updated each season, ensuring the chef’s team uses only fresh products. Simple café offers an array of salads, sandwiches, as well as breakfast options for the early birds. Besides, there’s a special lunch offer — 10% discount on every item on the menu from 12 P.M. to 4 P.M.

Address: 102, Saksahanskoho Street


miraOne more place that takes the freshness to the new level, Mira network has two cafes located in the center of Kyiv: on the busy Yaroslaviv Val Street, 5 minutes away from the Zoloti Vorota metro station, and in the cozy Vozdvizhenka district near Podil. The concept of Mira is quite simple: only fresh food, only natural ingredients.

Bread, as well as sauces, are prepared in-house. Sandwiches with chicken, veal, salmon, and hummus are one of the most popular picks. Besides, the menu features salads, soups, and coffee to energize for the day of work. Mira has free Wi-Fi and plenty of tables to crash at for as long as you need. 

Address: 20, Yaroslaviv Val25, Vozdvyzhenska Street


zelenkaApproved by working mothers, Zelenka located on Yaroslaviv Val is a small haven to take a break from maternity. The friendly babysitter will take care of the child, while mother works on the laptop or has a meeting.

The welcoming interior and kids’ rooms equipped with useful toys are the other advantages that lure in many customers here. Zelenka has coffee, tea, and other refreshments on the menu with an option of ordering lunch from the Lebanese restaurant Mon Cher, located next door.

Address: 11/1, Yaroslaviv Val Street

Aroma Espresso Bar

aromaThe famous Israeli chain of cafes found its place near the Olympiiska metro station. The cozy corner isn’t crowded at any time of the day, mostly filled with working people and business people who met up for lunch. The menu is filled with dishes of Israeli cuisine, as well as international classics.

There are breakfast and lunch options, known for their large portions and fresh ingredients. The traditional Israeli Shakshouka, made with poached eggs, tomatoes, and chili is one of the most popular picks for breakfast. Aroma bar is equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Address: 5, Dilova Street

One Little Coffee Shop

onelittleThe coffee shop located right between Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Sofiiska Square attracts with the atmosphere of incredible peace. The idea was to create a simple and cozy place to have a cup of coffee with friends, however, the café works also just fine for those who come here to work.

One Little Coffee Shop is heavily focused on European coffee culture — here guests will be offered something else rather than a simple Americano, for instance, filter coffee or V60. Desserts from local bakeries are also available on the menu. The café has free Wi-Fi and spacious benches outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Address: 6, Sofiivs'ka Street

Non Branded Café

nonbrandWithout doubts, downtown isn’t the only area full of cafes suitable for work — Kyiv’s districts have a couple of spots up their sleeve. Non Branded Café located 5 minutes from the Minska metro station is one of them. The pastel interior and quiet music allow concentrating fully on work tasks of the day.

Non Branded cafe offers salads with tomatoes or beef & peaches, and three kinds of soup. The true shtick here is waffles, available in an array of about 20 sweet and savory fillings. As for the beverages, the usual coffee classics and masala tea are the most popular picks among the customers.

Address: 29, Marshala Tymoshenko Street

Zheltok / Yolk

yolkThis American-styled diner chain is easily recognized by its large windows and bright interior. Conveniently located in major city points, Zheltok is famous for its large food portions and plenty of space to have a meeting or crash at with a laptop. The music here, however, is often quite upbeat, so taking headphones might be a good idea.

The menu is filled with American classics from burgers to apple pies, but the most popular section by far is breakfast, available 24/7. It’s not unusual to find someone with a plate full of pancakes & maple syrup, working on their PhD. Besides, there’s an option of ordering a cup of Americano with an unlimited refill.

Address: 11/61, Lva Tolstoho Street; 1/37, Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street; 2/1, Kostiantynivska Street; 8/2, Rusanivska Naberezhna Street

Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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