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It is difficult to overestimate the opportunities that are opened up today for business thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. It becomes much easier to do business, because you can be mobile, you can simultaneously carry out a large number of tasks at a high speed and have access to workflows 24/7 from anywhere. Kyivstar offers this very approach to its customers – it provides simple solutions for today's business, which can considerably save time, resources and funds of companies.

In addition to traditional telecom services, proposals for business are filled with innovative services. Predominantly, they are tied to the Internet, so, the launch of the 4G standard in 2018 has become a great virtue: it has significantly expanded the capabilities and allowed businesses to use new channels for working with customers – video content, mobile apps, cloud technologies.

Besides, tools that allow companies not only to better customize business processes, but also to save money, are becoming more and more popular. Star.Docs Service from Kyivstar is just like that, it can easily transfer business from costly paper workflow to the fast and economical electronic workflow. As an example, the cost of the electronic document with a minimum rate in Star.Docs is only 0,8 UAH, and the cost of creating, processing and delivering one paper document is exponentially higher, since only the envelope with the stamp costs from UAH 10, and there you should include the cost of paper, consumables for printers etc.

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With Star.Docs you can create, send and receive documents in few seconds, have shared access to them even from your smartphone, comment on and discuss content online, store all files in a secure cloud storage or on a digital media, and have a 24/7 access to them.

Another user-friendly service for working online is Mobile ID tool, with which you can identify and verify yourself directly from your mobile and remotely sign documents, using a qualified electronic signature stored on the SIM card of your phone. For example, in the Star.Docs. It is not only convenient, but also absolutely safe, as the signature on the SIM card is protected and can only be used by the owner.

In addition, with Mobile ID you can receive electronic services from state agencies without visiting them. Such as the issuance of a police clearance certificate, registration as an individual entrepreneur, ordering a number plate for a car or viewing information about fines in the Driver's profile. The list of service providers, including commercial ones, is continuously expanding, as well as the list of electronic services, respectively.

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Using the Mobile ID as a service provider by the business has its advantages. Access to a certain list of services in the context of providing them online is becoming secure, the range of customers and their geography is expanding through interactions via the Internet, and the need for physical offices for working with customers becomes minimal – business saves on the maintenance of offices, staff and gets rid of queues. At the same time, the service delivery process becomes very fast. And therefore, the number of services provided for a certain period of time is increasing.

New digital products from Kyivstar allow businesses to get more – they make daily routine easier and more comfortable, give more time for other important matters. Being online means being the owner of your time and handle the situation, rather than depending on how it handles you.


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