Saint Valentine's Day 2019 Gifts Ideas

Saint Valentine's Day Gifts

Destinations chose a range of presents for the upcoming Saint Valentine's Day - from lovely trinkets to edible gifts and much more.

For her:

Travel mug

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Публикация от Подарунки та гарний настрій (

Travel mugs with unique design are a practical and attentive present. A travel mug by Ziz available in UAMade store is 190 mm tall and can contain up to 380 ml liquids. The inside is made of stainless steel, making it easy to use and wash (make sure to not put it in the dishwasher, though). The mug keeps beloved liquids with a perfect temperature for a long time.


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Публикация от HIVER BOOKS (@hiverbooks)

Ukrainian brand Hiver Books is one of the most popular local stationery brands, famous for their stylish notebooks and sketchbooks. The sketchbook on the picture is called Greenery, which is pretty self-descriptive in its spring vibe. The A5-format sketchbook has 144 pages of unlined paper, thick enough for drawing with watercolors or sketching with markers.

Bath bombs

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Публикация от LUSH UKRAINE (@lush_ukraine)

Bath bombs by LUSH are an international classic present for any occasion. The brand is known for making eco-friendly products with fun design and bright colors. The bath bombs range in size, color palette and even shapes - for instance, you can order a Yellow Submarine, spaceship, robot or butterfly bath bomb. LUSH also has a special product collection created for Saint Valentine's Day.

Heating eye masks

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Публикация от Miniso Ukraine Official (@minisoukraine)

Japanese brand Miniso has conquered the hearts of many Kyiv dwellers with its cute, minimalistic household products. One of the latest arrivals is heating eye masks. A pack of 5 single-use masks provides a much-needed relaxation after a long tiring day. The masks heat up to 40°С, improves blood circulation and relieves tension from the eyes. Additional perk - they come in animal-shaped designs.

Soft rug 

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Публикация от Ґушка (@gushka.wool)

Ukrainian brand Gushka makes 100% natural sheep wool rugs. The process of creating a rug from scratch takes up to 14 days and the company gives an opportunity to order a custom-made rug with an exclusive design. The color palette ranges from monochrome to multi-colored 1970s-styled pieces. The colorful coarse rug on the picture is 95х95cm.

For him:

Scratch Travel Map

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Публикация от | Design Gifts (

Travel Map is one more international hit that can become a personal challenge or a conversation starter. The owner can scratch off the countries he has visited already, making the monochrome map shine with multiple new colors. Moreover, the map can be a nice planning tool - you can add notes or simply circle the next destination with a white marker.

Sculpture Head

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Публикация от СКУЛЬПТУРА - ОРГАНАЙЗЕР (@vase_head)

Sculpture head is a self-descriptive Ukrainian brand - the company makes bright vases out of pop culture characters and famous personas. The list includes, among others, cinematic characters like Darth Vader, Spiderman and Batman, human legends like Ghandi, Steve Jobs and Charley Chaplin as well as folklore characters like Medusa, David and Buddha. The vases can be used in multiple ways - storing stationery, candles and even flowers.

Eco cup

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Публикация от МАГАЗИН ZERO WASTE ЕКО-ТОВАРІВ (@ozeroua)

Bamboo cups Ecoffee Cup available in the first Ukrainian Zero Waste shop can be a nice present for those who care a lot about the planet or simply want to have a reliable travel mug. The stylish cup is made from bamboo fiber that feels thick but lightweight cardboard to touch. Unlike plastic cups, the Ecoffee bamboo cup is completely natural and doesn't poison the drink.

Homemade jams

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Публикация от Гастромайстерня Confiture (@glb_confiture)

Ukrainian brand Confiture boasts making up to 10 000 jams a day, which is not surprising given its popularity. The brand also creates an individual design for wrapping and packaging so that the jams, sauces and confiture can become a nice-looking present. The range of products includes homemade jams, salted caramel, confiture of any flavors from sweet to spicy as well as The Eatles sauces perfect for meat and cheese.

The following list is the editor's choice. All products are mentioned in a random order.

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