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Kyiv State Administration expects 5 million tourists to visit Kyiv in 2019. To make sure the visitors enjoy their experience, the city is transforming day by day.

The new Kyiv audio guide

Girl on the phoneAt the beginning of 2018, Kyiv tourist agency founder Yulia Bevzenko launched 'Shukai!' ("Seek!") project. She collaborated with local artists to create mini-monuments reflecting important moments in the history of Kyiv and placed them around the city. Now, the project has its own audio guide in Ukrainian and English, says Yulia on her Facebook page. The audio guide on 12 unique sculptures reflecting the story of Kyiv is available in Kyiv City Guide app for iOS and Android. The app and all excursions, including audio, photo and video materials, are free. You can download the guide here.

Kyiv strengthened its positions in the Numbeo city rating

Kyiv at nightOne of the largest global databases Numbeo has published the Quality of Life Index Rate that reflects the level of comfort in cities around the globe. All in all, 5 Ukrainian cities were featured in 2019 rating: Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Dnipro. Lviv is leading among Ukrainian cities with a 115.09 quality of life index. Kyiv is a runner-up with a 104.11 index. Both Ukrainian cities have got to the top 200 with Lviv occupying the 176th rank and Kyiv - the 194th.

New tourists stands in Kyiv

Tourist stands in KyivIt's no secret that Kyiv isn't exactly easy to navigate without Google Maps. The tourist navigation in English leaves much to be desired, that's why Kyiv City State Administration approved installing 177 new tourist stands in Podil, Shevchenkyvskyi, Pechersk, Sviatoshyn, Obolon, Dniprovskyi, Desnianskyi, Darnytskyi, Solomianskyi and Holosiivskyi districts. The tourist stands will be installed in the most popular tourist areas like Andryiivskyi Descent, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kontraktova Ploscha, Kyiv Fortress, Green Theater, Maryinskyi park and other sightseeing spots. The stands will have a detailed map of the area as well as information about sightseeing in English and Ukrainian.

3D tour in the St. Cyril's Church

St. Cyril's Church in KyivSt. Cyril's Church located in Dorogozhichi district now boasts a 3D tour. The visuals were shot with drones. Saint Cyril's Church is a part of the Saint Cyril's Monastery built on Kyiv's hills way back in the 12th century. The church boasts the status of the only medieval religious structure that has survived the two World Wars and the rest of the century without significant alterations. Saint Cyril's Church showcases unique 12th-century frescos as well as Ukrainian Baroque elements in the exterior. The church is opened for visitors the whole week except Friday.

The new English-language guide

Ukraine Travel GuideUkraine Travel Guide is a new pocket-book format guide designed and written by Made in Ukraine team, headed by Yuliya Savostina. The 320 pages-book is a classic guide about the whole territory of Ukraine, grasping its every region and its peculiarities. According to Savostina, the modern layout of the guide was made by the designers working in Berlin, and many photos used in the pocketbook were shot by popular Instagram photographers. The guide will be soon available for purchase in Ukraine and on Amazon.

Currency exchange now available in ATMs

Euro cashStarting January 1, 2019, currency exchange will be legal and available via ATMs in Ukraine. The relevant document was approved by the National Bank of Ukraine. As usual, there's no need to fill in information about yourself if the amount of money you exchange is less than UAH 150 000. Any currency available in an ATM can be converted in cash.

Kyiv Railway Station to have regular police patrol

Intercity train in KyivAccording to Ukrzaliznytsia, starting January 20, 2019, the National Police Service will be patrolling at the Central Railway Station in Kyiv. The 24-hour duty at the station will be carried out by a unit of the Public Patrol Police Unit. The officers are said to regulate the unauthorized trade at the station, illegal currency exchange, pauperism and other offenses. Moreover, the Public Patrol Police Unit will also ensure the safety of citizens not only at the station but also on trains arriving at the Kyiv-Passazhyrskyi station.

Photo sources:,, Made in Ukraine,,, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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