Best Wine Shops in Odesa

Best wine shops in Odessa

Good wines do not always come with a fancy label or a high price tag. These days you can find good wine in almost any price range in average wine stores or supermarkets. Odessa is not an exception. If you’re looking for a great wine that you’re sure to be pleased with, «Destinations» rounded up best places to buy wine in Odesa.

Odesa is a well-known wine-making region of Ukraine. One of the safest bets to buy a good wine in Odesa is to go to one of the wineries scattered around Odesa region. Most wineries in Odesa region have the in-house wine shops offering the entire range of wines of the winery as well as professional advice from their best sommeliers.

Shabo Wine Culture Center

One of the most popular destinations to buy wine in Odesa Region is Shabo Wine Culture Center. It is located in a resort area in the Odesa region, southern Ukraine – one of Europe’s oldest regions where winemaking traditions are dated as far back as the ancient times.
Shabo Wine Culture Center is the only tourist complex in Ukraine located right on the premises of an active winemaking enterprise, combining state-of-the art, high-tech production process with unique historical and cultural landmarks.

Shabo Wine Culture Center
For convenience of its guests, Shabo has an original store offering the entire range of Shabo products, which includes over 80 brand names of the highest-quality beverages. This is also a place where you can buy souvenirs. Shabo Court, a cozy restaurant where you can wash down any meal with an excellent choice of Shabo’s still and sparkling wines, vermouths, brandies and grape vodkas is located next to Shabo Wine Culture Center.
Address: 10, Shveycarska street, Shabo village, Belgorod Dnistrovskyy District, Odesa region.


Find a good wine and professional advice in Lavinia (31/33 Ekaterynenska street, Odesa) wine boutique and restaurant in Odesa. The place has a pleasant and charming French style interior. The selection of all the wines here is carefully rounded up by professional sommeliers. Owners of Lavinia wine boutique pride themselves for exceptionally accurate conditions of wine storage, observing all the light and temperature rules.

LAvinia wine store

Wine Story shop

Wine Story shop (3, Katayeva Lane, Odesa) is another place to buy some fine wine in Odessa. Wine Story offers more than 1000 liquor brands from over 13 countries. There is a wine bar where guests can sample different brands of wines before buying it. The selection of wines here is truly impressive. Professional sommeliers will also advice on gourmet food (cheeses, meats, nuts, pickled vegetables) that will go perfectly with the selected wine. “Wine story” shop in Odesa often hosts interesting wine-themed lectures and workshops.



We’ve already mentioned some wine shops in Odesa, but we know that most people buy wine at supermarkets and stores. There are numerous mass market liqueur stores in Odessa. These stores sell wide variety of liquor as well as an impressive selection of wines. Wine is a lot more affordable than everyone thinks. «Polyana» (9, French Boulevard, Odesa) - One of the biggest wine and liquor stores in Odesa - offers some genuinely good bottles for less than US 10$.

polyana wine storeOdesa offers endless options for buying fine wine. Our web brings you some good ideas where to find some authentic local wines as well as a good selection of international popular wine brands.


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