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Kyiv museums

Kyiv museums regularly hold open doors. Learn which museums in the capital you can go to for free this month.

April 18, Thursday

  • Museum of Lesia Ukrayinka, 97, Saksaganskogo St.
  • Museum of Mykola Lysenko, 95-B, Saksaganskogo s St.
  • Museum of Mykola Starytsky, 95, Saksaganskogo St.

April 24, Wednesday

  • National Museum of Literature of Ukraine, 11, Bohdan Khmelnytsky st.
  • Literary and memorial house-museum of Taras Shevchenko, 8-A, Taras Shevchenko Lane

April 25th, Thursday

  • National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, 12, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard
  • Memorial House-Museum of Taras Shevchenko, 5, Vyshgorodska St.
  • Historical and Memorial Museum of Mikhail Hrushevsky, 9, Pankovska St.

Friday, April 26

  • Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora, 40-B, Moskovska St.
  • National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kyiv Fortress", 24-A, Gospitalna St.
  • National Center of Culture "Museum of Ivan Gonchar", 19, Lavrska St.

April 27, Saturday

  • Literary-memorial house-museum of Maria Zankovetska, 121, Velyka Vasylkovska St.

April 28, Sunday

  • Literary-memorial museum-apartment of Pavlo Tychyna, 5, Tereschenkovska St.
  • National Art Museum of Ukraine, 6, Grushevskogo St.
  • Literary and Memorial Museum of Maxim Rylsky, 7, Maxim Rylsky St.

April 29, Monday

  • National Museum of History of Ukraine, 2, Vladimirska St.
  • Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, 9, Lavrska St., Building 26
  • Hetmanate Museum, 16-B Spasska St.
  • National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Art, 9, Lavrska St.
  • Museum of the Book and Printing of Ukraine, 9, Lavrska St., Building 24
  • Museum-apartment of Viktor Kosenko, 9, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky St., apt. 4


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